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Live Location Tracking

Where ever you move, let your teammates know your whereabouts!

Live Location Tracking feature of Troop Messenger allows you to share your real-time location with the participants of an individual chat for a specific amount of time. This feature is available across the platforms of desktop and mobile applications. Any user of the application has the ability to request or share live location tracking.

This feature has the ability to detect and stream live location data of the user by updating it to maps and lets the user to easily watch the location updates within the set pre-defined timer. Your Live Location Tracking stops once the timer expires or when the user explicitly terminates it. Despite the sharing of live location is stopped, the user would be able to see the static thumbnail image of the initial shared location.


  • The user can find the Live Location Tracking Icon from the chat-type area of team member/user chat window. Click on the “+” symbol to find the “Live Location Tracking feature.
  • Enable Live Location Tracking by selecting the pre-defined timer.
  • View the location updates from maps.
  • Stop your Live Location sharing or it will explicitly stop once the selected timer expires.
Tips & Shortcuts
  1. The user cannot share his/her location from desktop application but can raise a request to the recipient user to share their location.
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