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User Manual

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Document Objectives

This user manual contains all the operational procedures of Troop Messenger with details, pictorial presentations and instructional guidelines for user convenience. It is designed to facilitate easy navigation for the users of Troop Messenger.

Product Overview

Although social media is a huge platform for sharing, businesses need a sharing application with a host of functionalities, user friendly interface with easy and simple navigations and absolute safety of data.Troop Messenger is designed to let employees share data with each other and collaboratively work on a single project with ease.
Troop Messenger is the power packed official chat application- a tight channel that holds the entire office on single screen letting all interact with each other sharing data, info, files, maps, multi-media and all. Furthermore, simplifying the collaborative work culture, it allows group formation with amazing attachment features like- direct file forward, reply for a particular message or file, file downloading and many more.
Whereas Troop Messenger with its basic appearance is now available, the updated versions with more and more novel features will come soon to make things easier than ever.

Product Features
  • Server side encryption- For high end security
  • Multi tenancy- Multiple companies will sign up for troop messenger but data will be secured for each and every individual.
  • Data sharing with external application- Troop messenger let you share in-house data along with other similar applications without any technical errors.
  • Data store and restore – huge storage to save all your data and again restore it in case you reinstall the app.
  • Enclosed sender details- option to hide the sender details.
  • Group setting- multiple groups setting options for smoother business process.
  • Share contacts and location feature.
  • Supports multiple file formats.
  • Self messaging- if you have some idea that you won’t want to share then you can save it by self messaging.
  • Comment- one a particular document or file, you can comment whether it’s a 1 year old one.
  • Forward message- you can forward a message directly to other users and groups.
  • Pin chat- to cut off the search time displaying the pinned user at the top of the home screen.
  • Application Admin

    The very first user of Troop Messenger of a company who needs a valid username and password to login to the browser based application with the application link. After successful login he sets the application with required company and employees’ details and then adds employees to start the application usage promptly.

  • Company Employees

    Added company employees to perform business chat and as per need share files for team usability.

System Requirements

In order to avail Troop messenger with all its offerings, you need a smart phone with Android Kitkat or V.4.4 and iOS 10

Get into the Application


Search for Troop Messenger application designed by Tvisha in the Google play store or app store, and click on the install button to download the application to your local device.

Get into the application

After installation, follow the system prompt to open the app by clicking on the open button. You will be redirected to the app login screen.

Step 01 : Enter valid credentials

Enter valid credentials i.e. email ID or mobile number and password in the relevant places in the log in screen. Click on the login button to get into Troop Messenger.
In case you forgot your password, click on the “forgot password” button and the system will redirect you to the “forgot password” screen.

Step 02 : New Password

Enter your registered mail ID or mobile number in the space provided and click on the send button to apply for a new password.

Step 03 : New chat

After successful login to the application, your existing phone contacts will be automatically synced. Click on the contact button in the right bottom to be redirected to the contact screen

Step 04 : Select contact to chat

In order to start an individual chat, press long on a contact you want to chat with and the system will display the individual chat screen for the selected contact.

Step 05 : Individual chat

On the chat screen, type a message in the message box and click on the send button to send a message.
Click on the “plus” button and the system will prompt to select a file. After selecting the required file, click on the send option to send the file.

Step 06 : Reply & Forward

In case you have to forward a particular message from chat history to another contact or want to reply a particular message, press long on the desired message and the system will display both reply and forward option for that message.
In order to reply, select the reply option and enter desired message in the message box. Then click on the send button to reply.
To forward the message, select the foreword option and the system will redirect you to the forward screen.

Step 07 : Forward Message Screen

On the forward message screen, select multiple messages and click on the forward button at the top right corner beside the cancel button.
To cancel the forwarding, click on the cancel button at the top right corner.

Step 08 : Profile info & Pin

picture at the top of the screen and the system will redirect you to the selected employee’s personal profile page with all available details.
Here on the profile page, click on the pin button at the top and that employee will be displayed at the top of your chat list as prioritized chat.

Step 09 : Create Group-01

In order to create a group in Troop Messenger, click on the menu button at the top right corner of the home page and select “New Group”. Then the system will direct you to the app contact screen.

Step 10 : Create Group-02

On the contact screen, select multiple members or contacts which you want to include in your new group and click on the next button at the top right corner.
Then the system will redirect to another screen for finalizing the group creation process.

Step 11 : Create Group-03

Here upload a profile picture for your group, enter a suitable name for your group and click on the create button at the top right corner. Thus, your group will be created successfully.

Step 12 : Edit Group

To edit an existing group press long on the group at the home page and the system will display the group details.
Here you can edit the group profile image, group name by clicking on the edit button at the top right corner.
In order to add more members to the group click on the add member button at the top right beside the edit button.

Step 13 : Individual Group member info

On the group detail screen, press long on a particular contact and the system will display few options for further action, where you can post a message individually for the selected contact or view that contact details, make it group admin or can remove that contact from the group.

Step 14 : Group chat

In order to start a group chat, select the group on the app home page and the system will display you the group chat screen. Here enter a message in the message box, add file by clicking on the attachment button at the top right corner and click on the send button to post a message or post a voice message in the group. And the message will be the common one for all the group members.

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