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Troop Tribe

Federations, political parties, trade associations, alumni and religious communities, and more! You need a unified platform for communication to join hands together!

Bring your member companies, agents, students, and volunteer groups to the best internal communication tool, Troop Tribe, to standardize your conversations. Get it customized to suit your association or community!
Let's build one for you
Political Campaign Software
Troop Tribe is for:
Housing communities, Alumni networks, etc., can exchange information on their daily activities.
Voice-Video Conferencing
Manage cadre and make official announcements about the party with posts.
Trade Associations
Bring member companies from different sectors on to one digital communication platform.
Backup and Restoration
Troop Tribe can be your best tool for internal communication for charities.
 Units & User Authorization
Religious Organizations
Bring your devotee groups, priests, etc., to have endless devotional communication.
Role-based Access Controls
Alumni Associations
Connect to your friends from school, universities, etc., with this Alumni Management Software.
Stay connected to strengthen your innovation!

Troop Tribe provides you with a customized tool for group collaboration for communities, chamber of commerce, and federations of all classes! With it, you can work with your diverse stake holders such as partners, members and others to collectively aim towards achieving a common goal. You can collaborate through its advanced and secured:

  • Chat Facilities
  • High-Quality Audio-Video Conferencing
  • Air-Time Groups
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Audio-Video Messaging and others
Things you can do with our Troop Tribe
Real-time Party updates
Engage Members
This digital collaboration platform help you bring your members of different associations and groups to one single place, allowing them to discuss association’s common goal.
Volunteer Management
Organized Conversations
Use Troop Tribe to streamline and organize your internal communication. You can go back to the chat history to view the communication thread of a particular discussion. You will never miss a thing.
Live Feed
Enrol Members
Members, volunteers, and more! Register yourself with the Tribe Community Platform through the simple signup process. Provide limited access to the members whom you feel are temporary in your community.
Donations and Sponsorship Management
Monitor Activities
Use this secure app for internal communication to keep 24/7 surveillance on the information transfer to avoid disagreement between the members.
Content Administration
Upload Events
Publish News, posters, messages, images and more, across this political app to keep your members informed about the upcoming events and the related updates.
Social Connection
Store Files
You may share a lot of files across the tribe communication platform. For easy access, you can view them from anywhere, anytime, from all across the world within Troop Messenger.
Personalize it for your communities/associations:
We can customize it to suit your eco-system to make every member of your community or associations feel as its your own communication tools.
Party Logo
Community Logo

Have your community’s symbol on the Troop Tribe's web and mobile communication platform for voters.

App Screens
App Screens

We build customized instant messaging solutions for communities with user interfaces that reflect your association's logo, ideologies, and other branding elements.

Social Media Integrations
Social Media Integrations

Our Troop Tribe app keeps you connected and active on all the social media handles, letting you reach every corner of the world

App Screens
App Screens
Why you should try us!
Centrally Manage
Centrally Manage

This on-premise chat app helps your community’s Head office to Centrally Manage, communicate and direct its members in line with its strategy & objectives. An enterprise dashboard of this trade association management software is highly comprehensive.

Go Mobile
Go Mobile

Grow your membership base! Let your followers connect with you from all across the world from their Android and iOS messaging app for Alumni. Take your community campaigns mobile to own huge volunteer registrations.

Start Pilot
Start Pilot

Try our tailor-made productivity tool for non-profit/NGOs to know its feasibility on your ecosystem. You can opt for the service models of SaaS, On-Premise, Chat APIs, and more. We help you till you get acquainted with the application.

Perfect Collaboration: Features never seen before!
One-on-one Messaging
Group Conversations
Remote screen sharing
Group Audio-Video Calling
Attachment Preview
Respond Later
Advanced Video Player
LDAP/Active Directory/SSO
Powerful admin dashboard
Integrations and more.
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