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Crew & Passenger Messaging System

The New Digital Communication Channel for Mariners!

Precisely designed for intra-ship crew communication on merchant ships, container ships, cruise ships, yachts, and other vessels!

Instruct your standing orders, ballast operations, night orders, search and rescue operations, and other ship management activities to your junior or deck officers with the technologically advanced communication app for instant messaging for shipping professionals. This crew member messaging system can be deployed on your ship/cruise as it supports on-premise deployment.

Crew Management System
Failures in intra-ship, ship-to-ship, and ship-to-shore communication could result in serious accidents & loss of life.
Failures in intra-ship, ship-to-ship, and ship-to-shore communication could result in serious accidents, loss of life, environmental pollution, heavy fines, and other consequences.
Challenges that mariners face with communication at sea:
  • Ships cannot stay online due to limited internet bandwidth.
  • Disturbances in the VHF, MF, and HF Radio communication.
  • Delayed deliveries of spare parts, inventory, food and other things from the shore office effects the performance of the ship.
  • Emails are not delivered if the internet doesn’t work.
  • Marine Incidents such as loss of a person from a ship, collision with a ship, significant damage caused by a ship’s operation to a ship or to a person, etc.
  • Mis-management of information such as misunderstanding gestures, signs and verbal communication.
  • Pirate Alerts and communication
Solutions from Troop Messenger
  • Works with VSAT or any low bandwidth internet options that ships have access to, at the time of sail.
  • Deploy it on your intra-ship communication servers using the On-Premise service offering.
  • Works across high-latency networks
  • Helps you check the unlimited chat history of mis-communicated data.
  • Allows you to share the emergency sign language with its in-built message-icons facility.
  • Works with your Shipboard Internet and Wi-Fi
Troop Messenger meets the voracious demands of crew, passengers for connectivity
With our mariner-friendly chat application for ship crew, you could overcome communication challenges that occur in your cargo vessels, towing vessels, cruise ships, and other vessels. This vessel management software for communication provides features, deployment models, and facilities to suit the communication ecosystem of your ships.
Use various forms of messaging facilities such as audio, 1:1, group, fork out, self, burnout, and video messages to communicate with the crew on the ship's operations.
Voice-Video Conferencing
Voice-Video Conferencing
Make 1:1 or group audio-video calls with the ability to remote screen share and control to connect with your crew members on the ship or on the ground to share situational awareness information.
Secure on-premise installation in your own ships and on-land Data Centers with layered security options (e.g, SSL, VPN, and DMZ). This On-premise chat app lets you operate behind your firewall or in your private cloud such as Azure, Google cloud or AWS.
Backup and Restoration
Backup and Restoration
Store all the message conversations, call data, and files to a secondary device to recover them if they are lost or damaged due to sea incidents, power outages, human error, and other factors.
 Units & User Authorization
Units & User Authorization
This messaging app for seafarers help you split your crew as ship-based and shore-based for faster traceability. Obtain permissions before connecting to the crew of Deck, Engineering, Steward’s and other departments with User Authorizations.
Role-based Access Controls
Role-based Access Controls
Admins can use role-based access controls to grant or restrict feature access based on the crew’s role defined within the company to ensure security.
Troop Messenger for Cruise Lines to Improve Your Operational Efficiency

The messaging app for Cruise round-trip voyages helps the crew and the passengers of the Ship connect with each other to know the itinerary of the shore excursion with the help of two-way messaging and audio-video calling, and others. Use this cruise line messaging app.

  • For Crew: Create a dedicated channel(group) for sharing Automatic Identification System(AIS) messages with vessel ID, position, course, and speed to other ships and AIS base stations for collision avoidance.
  • For-Passenger : Keeps your family stay connected all the time with your family and friends to let you not miss events via instant chats, short voice notes, and fun video messages.
  • For Cruise Ship Owner: The best way to communicate on a cruise is through a texting app for cruise lines. Instead of creating a customized app from scratch, this ready-to-use web-based and mobile-based works offline within your on-premise servers. Integrate our chat APIs in your passenger app to make them connected at all the time.
  • Cruising App
    Stay connected all the time while aboard a yacht

    Troop Messenger which is designed to work offline is one of the best apps for Yacht and Super Yacht that makes your cruising experience stay connected with your dear ones and the crew, all the time. You can fit this cruising app into your on-premise communication servers and network and wireless communication ecosystem for the effective communication of the crew.

    • Type a text message, make a call, or send a video at your leisure time
    • Use clear voice notes and video messages to convey any sea emergencies. 
    • Connect to your office via 1:1 or group conferences to balance your work life from Yacht.
    • Carry and access your personal and work files from Troop Messenger’s central file repository. 
    • Get it customized with your business logo to make it personalized.
    • Connect to your office via 1:1 or group conferences to balance your work life from Yacht.
    Scale up your crew management system on your commercial vessels & yacht.

    As a part of your digitalization efforts across onboard vessels, integrate Troop Messenger’s digital workspace on your Maritime VSAT stations or on your on-premise servers to let your crew communicate and collaborate across the entire fleet. Transfer information between the deck and the engine departments of the ocean liners, using this shipping activity message app to communicate your shipboard duties of:

    • Pumping operations
    • OWS operations
    • Deck machinery operations
    • Manning and unmanning engine rooms
    • Engine room machinery breakdown information
    • Fog, traffic, and other manned specific operations
    • Weather and navigational data updates
    • And for other maritime transport administrative and commercial functions.
    Marine Communication
    Its End-to-End Encrypted!
    Its End-to-End Encrypted!

    All your chats, calls, screen share, files are end-to-end encrypted in this collaboration tool for Government! Use our Government messaging services for communication in your isolated networks to protect your communication. We engage the world’s best and proven security protocols & practices, that combines:

    • Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman key agreement protocol
    • AES-256
    • PBKDF2-SHA512 as primitives
    Communicate with Troop Messenger across:
    Your data, your control!
    Keep all your sensitive communications at your own account without any eavesdropping. Right to access your data at any point of time, as it resides at your own servers.
    Feasible Deployment(self-hosting)
    Simply connect Troop Messenger to the infrastructure on which you want to deploy it. Self-Host it at your private cloud, public cloud, or at your on-premise servers.
    Digitize Conversations
    High-performance governments can rely on Troop Messenger for all forms of digital interactions. We keep your sensitive data private and secure.
    Highly – Scalable
    Be it the increase in maximum number of users, and data storage capacity. Troop Messenger doesn’t need to be redesigned as its performance scales to need.
    Reaches everywhere
    Transform your connectivity needs! Hinge on to Troop Messenger’s last-mile connectivity abilities to reach out your teams and people for all work routines and emergencies.
    Be the owner of all your message-exchanges. Manage and maintain your total data space either with single-point or collaborative.
    Levels of security
    Experience the three levels of Enterprise level security with finger-print, passcode, and user credentials.
    Try for the best!
    The Central and State departments who are currently using the Government Instant Messaging System-GIMS can also look into Troop Messenger for an advanced level of messaging and collaboration facilities.
    Communicate with Troop Messenger across:
    • - Dry Cargo Vessels
    • - Container Vessels
    • - RO-RO Vessels
    • - Bulk Carriers
    • - Liquid Vessel Tankers
    • - Product Carriers
    • - Chemical Carriers
    • - Liquified Gas Carriers
    • - Livestock Vessels
    • - Passenger Vessels
    • - Heavy Lift Vessels
    • - Tug Vessels and more!
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