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A Fully Self-hosted Audio/Video and Chat Communication Platform

Wouldn’t that be awesome to have Troop Messenger hosted at your own server space?
Experience a private, secure, and seamless communication flow across the teams of your organization with self-defined regulations. Have complete control over all the data exchanges to avoid data loss. Now make space on your server for the most trusted service of self-hosting.

Have full-control of your application at your own servers!
  • Gain full control over the application.
  • All message-exchange data is stored in your own database.
  • Have round the clock eye on who’s accessing what.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
How it works
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Technical Assessment
The Sales-Support team will share your requirement with the Troop Messenger Development Centre for a comprehensive technical assessment.
We estimate your requirement to offer you with a feasible custom-quote along with the assistance of payment formalities.
We collect the details of your environment to successfully deploy Troop Messenger services.
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Data is precious and its loss could be irrevocable! Privately host our application in your own servers to ensure no third-party access to your data.
Few of the benefits include:
  • Gain full control over the software (or) application.
  • Use of server resources is at your hand.
  • Have your own custom domain name.
  • Integrate unlimited plug-ins and applications.
  • All message-exchange data is stored in your own database.
  • Enables you to work off-line.
  • Have round the clock eye on who's accessing what.
  • Have your own domain name.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
Product application in Real-Time
For all fortune 5000 companies
Defense Organizations
Large and Government Corporations
Logistics & Fleet Management
Social Communities
Schools and Universities
Tenders and Procurement
Non-Profit Organizations
Integrate unlimited plug-ins and applications
All the core features of TM at your finger tips!
  • One-on-One Messaging
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Voice Calling
  • Audio Messaging
  • Video Calling
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Screen Share
  • Live Location Tracking
  • Forkout (Send single message to multiple users/multiple groups at once)
  • Burnout (private chat conversation window)
  • Live chat support and many more to go on.......
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