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Cadre Management App for Political Parties

Manage your party cadre with the ready-to-use messaging app!
Share party news, official announcements, latest activity updates of the party, all across one platform through customized political campaign software! Keep your party associates connected all the time through this Android and iOS voter management apps!
Political Campaign Software
Things you can do with our political party software:
You can message, call and handle administrative tasks with Troop Messenger’s Real-time and Back-end REST APIs.
Engage Cadre
Update party activities through the powerful admin dashboard to engage your party workforce.
Organize Groups
Create Parliament, Assembly, Mandal, and Booth level groups to have organized political discussions
Enroll People
Members, volunteers or more! Register yourself with the party with the simple signup process.
Monitor Activities
Keep 24/7 surveillance on the information transfer to avoid disagreement between the members
Upload Party Events
Publish News, party posters, messages, images and more, to keep your teams informed using this political party app.
Scale it
This instant messaging apps for political parties can scale to suit your changing party needs.
Provides secure collaboration for the political parties with:

Messaging, calling, audio-video conferencing, live-telecasting, voter participation on social media, and more! For Political Party Leaders, it's all in one safe political collaboration tool. Bring people, cadre, and party activists to this instant messaging app for political parties for optimal and well-organized party discussions. Spread your political campaign with the features and facilities of:

  • Secured Group Chats
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Audio-Video Conferencing
  • Live Feed across social media
  • Constituency-based chat facility
  • Posters/Gallery
  • Update party news and more
Secure Collaboration for Political Parties
Constituency management and collaboration features

Experience a lot more with the constituency management collaboration features of Troop Messenger!

Promote specific ideologies and policies of the party through posts, and constituency-based information sharing through chat message updates!

  • Make our app the face of your political branding!
  • Manage your public office conversations online
  • Engage in assembly-constituencies-based chat interactions.
  • Impose access restrictions on the usage of the features through this secure chat app for political discussions.
  • It is one of the best political party mobile apps that optimizes unorganized political communications
Benefits of Cadre Management/Secure Chat App for Political Parties
Real-time Party updates
Real-time Party updates
Share the new happenings of your party with all the constituency members in real-time. Engage them all the time with the dynamic content management system.
Volunteer Management
Volunteer Management
Keep your volunteers connected on this political party management app for achieving your common goal. Encourage their work with the rewards management system.
Live Feed
Live Feed
The inclusion of a live feed facility in your Android and iOS mobile apps allows you to publish your events, achievements, and more to your party members.
Donations and Sponsorship Management
Donations and Sponsorship Management
We ensure you integrating certified and encrypted payment systems in your app. It makes your donors or sponsors send donations to you without any hesitations.
Content Administration
Content Administration
This collaboration tool for political party leaders inspires your party constituents around the nation to post visual and textual content
Social Connection
Social Connection
We offer a political collaboration platform for having steady internal communication between the party workers. It helps you stay connected with social media to run your political campaigns.
Personalize it for your party
Though this encrypted messaging app for political campaigns runs on the powerful messaging engine from Troop Messenger, we can still customize it for you to keep your political identity intact with your:
Party Logo
Party Logo

Have your party’s electoral symbol on the Troop Messenger’s web and mobile communication platform for voters.

App Screens
App Screens

We build customized and easy-to-use user interfaces that reflect your party's logo, theme, ideologies, and other branding elements.

Social Media Integrations
Social Media Integrations

Our election management app keeps you active on all the social media handles, letting you reach every corner of the world.

App Screens
App Screens
Why you should try us!
Centrally Manage
Centrally Manage

This on-premise chat app for political parties enables the party Head Quarters to Centrally Manage, communicate and direct its cadre in line with its strategy & objectives. This messaging system for political parties provides a channel between the party President and the regional leaders to chat & carry out Live Telecasts with their constituents.

Go Mobile
Go Mobile

Grow your cadre! Let your followers connect with you from all across the world from their Android and iOS Troop Messenger-enabled voter management apps. Take your party campaigns mobile to own huge volunteer registrations. Accept donations through the seamless payment gateway options.

Start Pilot
Start Pilot

Try our tailor-made political party collaboration application to know its feasibility on your ecosystem. You can opt for the service models of SaaS, On-Premise, Chat APIs, and more. We help you till you get acquainted with the application. Divide members by Booth, Mandal, Assembly, etc. for easy access and reachability.

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