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What is Nutanix?

Nutanix delivers a full infrastructure stack that integrates compute, virtualization, storage, networking and security to power any application, at any scale. The elements included are:

  • Nutanix Architecture
  • Solution details
  • Functionalities included with Nutanix HCI
  • Nutanix storage design.

About Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI): Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a software-defined IT infrastructure that virtualizes all of the elements of conventional "hardware-defined" systems. HCI includes, at a minimum, virtualized computing (a hypervisor), a software-defined storage, and virtualized networking (software-defined networking).

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What is Nutanix?

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Troop Messenger partners with Nutanix to provide Hyperconverged Infrastructure-HCI to large enterprises, governments, and defence organizations, helping them use Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software for managing Troop Messenger on it.

Nutanix delivers the simplicity and agility of public cloud alongside the performance, security, and control of private cloud. Whether on prem or hybrid, build the exact cloud you want, with unified management and operations, one-click simplicity, intelligent automation, and always-on availability. Troop messenger leverages Nutanix’s inbuilt Hypervisor, its software defined storage and its ability to natively provide NAS and Object storage for storing the critical data.

With Nutanix, Troop messenger gets the added resilience from any kind of hardware failure. Nutanix provides automatic failover of VM’s and data from failed/failing nodes, and moves the workload to the surviving nodes without any manual intervention.

Nutanix provides one of the most secure Hyperconverged platform for security conscious customers, which is depicted from their continuous leadership in the Gartner MQ as well as multiple security certifications like FIPS, CCC, NIST, ISO27001 etc.

Troop Messenger on Nutanix Architecture:
What Functionalities are Included with Nutanix HCI?
Nutanix software is based on multiple available open tools, like Cassandra, zookeeper, stargate, Pithos, Lazan etc.
Voice-Video Conferencing
Massive scalability
Start from 3 nodes, and scale to hundreds of nodes in the same cluster.
Hypervisor Included
Nutanix HCI solutions include Acropolis Hypervisor by default, without any extra charge to customer.
Best available security certification, as per approved by USA defense, available by-default to Nutanix HCI customers. These include – FIPS, DISA approved STIGS, CCC, NIST, TAA compliance, etc
Voice-Video Conferencing
Remote Replication
Customers can opt for continuous availability between the two sites by leveraging HCI based replication.
Snapshot & Clones
one touch snapshot & clones available from day-1
Data Encryption
Data-at-Rest encryption is available as an add-on license. No requirement of separate KMS server or SED’s.
Open API’s
Nutanix HCI has open API’s, which means, Nutanix can be integrated with any third-party tools.
Nutanix truly provides, NSPOF architecture. Customer can benefit from the flexibility of choosing one-node or two-node failures. Rack level redundancy is also available.
Massive reduction in Power, space, cooling requirement against any traditional datacenter.
No more RAIDs
All disk failures are handled with software level control. No primitive RAID options, which require days/weeks to recover data on a hot-spare disk.
Operational Charm
Single Management console, to manage multiple HCI cluster, and drill down performance, events etc.
Benefits that you receive with our collaboration with Nutanix?
  • 1Lower total cost of ownership
  • 2Be our technology integration partner to improve our channel sales for SaaS, On-premise, & APIs
  • 3Jointly create real and significant business opportunities.
  • 4Dedicate some of your business to reselling or referring Troop Messenger.
  • 5We expect our partner to channel sales for SaaS.
  • 6Get to know about the product and its uniqueness to understand its competitors.
  • 7Constantly update us on your requirements and needs on software development partnership.
  • 8Help enterprises build apps for businesses on Troop messenger platform.
  • 9No Single point of failure. Infrastructure heals and grows seamlessly.
  • 10High performance for underlying applications and database
  • 11No specialized manpower needed to manage the operations.
  • 12Ready and conducive for next generation applications/technologies like containers, Kubernetes, mongoDB, Hbase etc.
  • 13Highly reliable security at par with best security agencies of the world (like US department of defense)
  • 14Expand the infrastructure when you need the resources without any bottlenecks or limitations
  • 15Lower datacenter and ecological footprint
  • 16No downtime to perform upgrades of infrastructure
  • 17Data compression, de-duplication, encryption, erasure coding etc. available.
  • 18Single console to manage compute, virtualization & storage.
  • 19Start small and grow big over time. Keep scaling along with Troop Messenger user scale
  • 20Replication available to DR site/cloud
With Troop Messenger, you get all use cases that Nutanix Supports
  • Enterprise Application
  • On-Prem, Private and Hybrid clouds
  • Unstructured data ready – NAS and Object storage
  • Data Protection and Disaster Recovery.
  • VDI and more (add-on license)
Troop Messenger and Nutanix collaboration helps:


Public Sector Units



Large Enterprises and more

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