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Law Enforcement Software

Collaboration Software for Law Enforcement Agencies
Hinge on this law enforcement app to bring the hierarchies of your police system onto the unified communication platform to pass on the orders of law enforcement to the police on duty to maintain public safety and social order and prevent crime across your jurisdiction.
Workplace Collaboration Tool for BFSI
Integrate Troop Messenger in your Police Command-Control Rooms to:
Disseminate the case information to all law enforcement agencies through secured file sharing.
Voice-Video Conferencing
Direct, coordinate, and control the officers on duty in the city operation, disaster management, and emergencies
Keep surveillance of the law enforcement communication exchange between your staff.
Stay connected with all the police stations, headquarters, precincts, etc., to have direct communication access to situational awareness
Share and access the location history of your police personnel through a live location-sharing facility using this law enforcement software.
Use the digitally advanced chat app for law enforcement agencies for police collaboration to streamline your police activity communication.
Secure Messaging Web and Mobile App for Police

A compliant messaging system for Police, Troop Messenger, is the best platform designed to solve the complexity of the communication process. With the help of advanced, safe, and secure features and intense collaboration facilities, it shall not allow classified data to fall into the hands of unauthorized persons.

Accessibility and Security:
  • The software application supports various deployments models such as SaaS, On-Premise, and other unique deployments required by agencies on their premises.
  • The software can be configured and customized at all locations.
  • Troop Messenger is a well-equipped encrypted chat app that secures your information end-to-end.
  • Operate and maintain by self.
  • This cross-platform can be installed in various systems in PCs, Mobile phones, and browsers.
  • The files such as images, videos, and other data can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
Troop Messenger as a Law Enforcement Management App provides:
Real-time Party updates
Role-Based Access Controls
Admin-driven App with defined workflows, roles are pre-determined by hierarchy and responsibility. Admin-driven customization can create role-based individuals/groups to provide clear and tangible value and roles at all levels based on involvement in office, investigation, and reporting.
Volunteer Management
Collaboration Software
Any officer or department can collaborate, share, and exchange crime records within or with other agencies in case of coordination and cooperation in investigation and prosecution. Inter-departmental and Inter-Agency collaboration is easy with Troop Messenger.
Real-time Party updates
It helps you to scale it as per your needs to add an unlimited number of employees and officers. Also, you can create infinite groups at all levels to initiate group conversations where each will have access to the data shared across the group, enabling transparent communication.
Volunteer Management
Cross-department Communication
Have controlled cross-department communication with Units. This facility helps you request user authorization before initiating contact with them. You can divide your workforce into Master Units and Units for location-based access.
Businesses all across the world trust us.
Data and Records Management

Troop Messenger helps to maintain your Law Enforcement Records Management System (RMS) to improve the speed of the investigation and stores files in its cloud for future crime analysis. Here is how it helps you:

  • Allows you to use our advanced features and tools to store and sort based on the file type, such as texts, videos, codes, and images.
  • Documented Incidents, covered news reports, related documents, images, videos, texts, and links can be stored and managed to build case data and research.
  • And also, such data could be helpful anytime in the future while analyzing related cases and crimes by repetitive offenders.
  • Mitigate the risk of data theft with the help of world-class encrypted protocols.
  • The admin clears data and chats (To eliminate unnecessary, duplicate data)
  • We assist you in recovering data stored in your database.
  • Troop Messenger would be a Police App for Law Enforcement Officers; it aids the departments in data analysis by reviewing the reports, videos, images, voice recordings, and articles Based on the records stored in the database
Helps in your academy training to bring all the new police recruits onto one digital meeting space!
You can message, call and handle administrative tasks with Troop Messenger’s Real-time and Back-end REST APIs.
Real-time Party updates
This police app for instant messaging allows you to connect with your cadets through a virtual meeting space. The high-quality audio-video conferencing lets you teach the aspects of police academy training, such as the basics of the law, procedures, community policing, and others.
Real-time Party updates
Troop Messenger's features, such as screen sharing, group calls, and live chat, can be used as an online Police academy app to conduct training sessions. Connect the application with other Cyber, Narco, Crime, etc. departments, and get your cadets trained in the respective domains.
Real-time Party updates
Strengthen your police new hires' cognitive, social, emotional, and moral skills via digital face-to-face conversations. Share training videos and text files with an exclusive and fastest-to-use quick response panel feature of this chat app for police.
Are the personal messengers safe for you?
Instant Messaging Mobile App for Law Enforcement

The answer is a straight no! The personal messengers do not hold accountability for the data breach. Also, they do not provide any sort of access controls on the usage of the application, hence, the possibility of data misuse is very high!

The other parameters that make you acquire a chat app for police would be: 

  • They do not allow you to host the critical communications data on your servers.
  • Lack of ownership of official Data. And the same data cannot be erased or claimed or suspended, if and when needed. 
  • The member who left the organization shall still have access to chat logs and files.
  • Not secured, as the application also allows personal communications, on the same platform. 
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