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How to use the feature Burnout?

Step 1 :

Click  to see Burnout feature icon.

Burnout Description

Step 2 :

Select any of the pre-defined timer options as directed by the arrow from the below Figure, and click  to enable burnout chat.

Burnout Description

Note: You shall wait for the recipient’s acceptance as shown in below figure.

Burnout Description

Step 3 :

Start conversation with the recipient once the Burnout window is activated as shown in the Figure below.

Burnout Description

Step 4 :

You can stop the conversation at any point of time by clicking  at the top right corner of the burnout window, or can continue chat until the pre-defined timer expires.

The blue colored arrows shown in figures are not part of the Troop Messenger’s user interface. Used them for representational purpose only.
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