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Orange Member
How to use Global Search – Search by Orange Member?
Step 1 :

On to the left side of the Troop Messenger home page, clickas directed by the arrow as shown in the below figure.

Global Search - Orange Member Description

A collapsible drop-down panel is opened.

Step 2 :

Click  to restrict your search to Orange Members.

Global Search - Orange Member Description

The search by orange user icon turns orange when it’s clicked and an orange user’s list alone is opened, as shown in the figure below.

Global Search - Orange Member description

Step 3 :

Scroll the side bar or roll over the mouse on the left panel orange user window to see the entire orange users list.

Step 4 :

Clickto come out of the global search.

The blue colored arrows used in the figures are not part of Troop Messengers user interface. Used them for representational purpose only.
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