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Group Calling

How to Initiate a group call in Troop Messenger?

Step 1 :

Select the group that you want to initiate a group call from the users/groups list.

Step 2 :

Click on the group calling as directed by the arrow, as shown from the figure below.

A group conferencing dialogue box window opens.

Note: All the members of the group are selected/added to the call by default. You can continue the call, with all of them as-is(or)

Step 3 :

Click Deselect All.

Step 4 :

Search for, or scroll the sidebar, as directed by the arrows, as shown from the figure below.

Step 5 :

Enable the checkboxes to select and add members to the group call.

Step 6 :

Find the number of members added to the group call.

Step 7 :

Make this group audio call as a video call by enabling the check box as directed by the arrow, as shown from the figure below.

Step 8 :

Initiate a group call.

A group calling window opens.

The recipient users can accept or decline the Group call.

When the recipient users accept the call, you are taken to the window as shown in the figure below.

The blue colored arrows used in the figures are not part of Troop Messenger's user interface. Used them for representational purpose.
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