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How to Add a User?

Step 1 :

Click “+” as indicated by the arrow in the figure below.

A small pop-up window gets opened.

Step 2 :

Click on ADD USER as directed by the arrow, shown from the figure below.

You will be taken to the ADD USER page of the Admin Dashboard.

Step 3 :

Enter Name

Enter Email id

Note: Please consider the Optional as “non-mandatory fields”, at the time of filling the “ADD USER” form. It is up to the admin's discretion to fill in optional details.

Step 4 :


You are taken back to the User Information Page.

A new member has been successfully added to your Troop Messenger application.

Note: You could see the newly added user in the users/team members list.

The blue colored arrows used in the figures are not part of Troop Messenger user interface. Used them for representational purpose only.
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