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How can I downgrade my current plan to Basic(Free Plan)?
Step 1 :

Instructions to be followed while downgrading to free plan from Trial/Premium/Enterprise:

  • As the free plan supports up to 50 GB/account, the admin of the application/account is requested to manually delete the files/attachments. Check the used storage limit from the admin panel dashboard. If you have used less than 50GB, then you can continue with Free plan without any loss of existing data.
  • You need to match the requirements of the free plan whenever you downgrade from trial/premium/enterprise. As the number of groups should not exceed more than five, the group admin is requested to manually delete the groups. Check the process below to understand how to delete a group:

  • As the users limit is 50, and if you have exceeded the limit, you need to Deactivate/Terminate the users to 50.

Refer to the link to Deactivate/Terminate users:

Step 2 :

How to Downgrade to Basic/Free plan

Click  as directed by the arrow from the figure below.