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Orange Member

How an Orange Member can Login in to Troop Messenger application?

Step 1 :

Note: An Orange Member of Troop messenger application can Login from his/her desktop app, mobile app or through any of the browsers.

Here we are showing the Login process of the browser.

Type from any of your browsers.

Step 2 :

Click Login, as directed by the arrow shown from the figure below.

Orange Member Login Description

You are taken to Login window.

Step 3 :

Enter your mail id.

Step 4 :

Enter your password

Step 5 :

Click Login.

Orange Member Login description

You are taken to Troop Messenger’s Home pagei.e. you are successfully logged into Troop Messenger application as an Orange Member.

The blue colored arrows used in the figures are not part of Troop Messenger’s application. Used them for representational purpose only.
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