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How an admin can add an employee to Troop Messenger?
Step 1 :

Click on Dashboard.

You will be directed to your Troop Messenger’s Admin Page.

Step 2 :

Click on Employees tab from the dashboard, as directed by the arrow as shown from the below figure.

Add an employee

You are taken to the Employee information window, as shown in the figure below:

Note: This window gives you the complete information of your organization’s total employee list with their respective business details.

Add an employee

Step 3 :

Click on ADD, to add a new user as an employee of your company.

Add an employee

An ADD EMPLOYEE page is opened as shown in the below figure.

Add an employee

Step 4 :

Enter your Employee Name

Enter his/her  Email id, 

Note: Please consider the Optional as “non mandatory fields”, at the time of filling “ADD EMPLOYEE” form. Its upto the admin's discretion to fill optional details.

Step 5 :


Add an employee

You are taken back to Employee information Page as shown in the figure below.

Note: Here you could notice, the recently added Employee, as directed by the arrow.

Add an employee

A new employee has been successfully added to your Troop Messenger application.

Note: You could see the newly added employee in the users/team members list.

The blue colored arrows used in the figures are not part of Troop Messenger user interface. Used them for representational purpose only.
Step 1 :

On the home page of Troop Messenger, click as directed by the arrow from the figure below.