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Group Calling

How a host can use the 3-dot functionality in Group call?

Step 1 :

Note: Only the host who has initiated the call or if made another member/s as a host, can find this 3-dot menu here.

Click on the 3-dot menu as directed by the arrow, as shown from the figure below.

A 3-dot menu opens.

Step 2 :

Select make as a host option as indicated by the arrow here in the image below. 

You made the person as another host to this call.

Step 3 :

You can remove the user from the call by selecting this option.

The user removed from the call.

Step 4 :

Click mute audio as indicated by the arrow, as shown in the image below.

The participant’s audio muted successfully.

Step 5 :

To unmute a participant’s audio, click on Request to Unmute.

Note: The recipient caller can accept/reject the host’s request to unmute audio.

The blue colored arrows used in the figures are not part of Troop Messenger's user interface. Used them for representational purpose.
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