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Units have been designed to break your organization's workforce into Master Units and Units based on the departments, projects, and locations that they belong to. This way, you can organize your people better and allow others to reach them faster and quicker. It provides controlled access to the employees who belong to the other Units with the help of Request Authorization.

Therefore, you cannot directly collaborate with whomever you wish to chat with within your organization. You need to have your request authorization approved first! For instance, the employees of Unit X can only chat with the employees of Unit Z if and only if the request authorization made by them gets approved by the employee of Unit Z.

How does the Master UNITS and UNITS work?

As a TM-Admin, you can:

  • Create the Master Units as per your organization's structure or based on your day-to-day operational-level activities of the departments in your company.
  • Create UNITS for your locations, departments and for other means. And while creating a new UNIT, you are asked to select the Master Unit to which it belongs.
  • While creating a new UNIT, you can search for the employee by Location, Department, and Designation and accordingly move them to it.
  • You can reassign your employees from one UNIT to another based on the aspects of their relocation, project, department, and for any other reasons.


What is a Home Unit?

The home unit is the unit where you belong! You will find your fellow teams or team members here in this unit. You can initiate one-to-one chat, participate in group conversations, make a 1:1 or group audio-video call, etc., with the users of the same unit directly, without the need for any request authorization to reach out to them.

What is a Global Unit?

The Global Units are those where you’re not part of it! You may find users of Troop Messenger from other locations, departments, projects, etc., in Global Units. As a user of the Home Units, you’re not allowed to directly chat or collaborate with the users of Global Units. You need to make a request for authorization to the users of the Global Unit and wait until it is approved by them to initiate a chat.

  • The employees of the HOME UNITS who wish to collaborate or chat with the employees who belong to the GLOBAL UNITS must make an authorization request and get it approved by them to initiate the chat.
  • The employees can revoke the authorization request once they feel it is no longer required.

Authorization Request

As the employees of the Home Units do not have direct access to chat with the employees of Global Units, the authorization request will help the requestee to send a chat request. The recipient employee of the Global Unit will be taken to the chat window of the requestee once they approve the authorization request.

You can find all the received and sent authorization requests from the Global Units tab and accordingly approve or reject them. 

Use Cases

Helps the users of:

  • Government Organizations and PSUs
  • Armed Forces
  • Pharma Units
  • Manufacturing
  • IT and ITES Industries
  • Large Enterprises
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