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Troop Messenger Sign-up


Troop Messenger allows business users to Sign-up for free with their email ids with the free trial to avail the use of application’s features and services. Let your organization teams experience a secured and seamless work place collaboration with this office chat application. One time registration by admin of the organization is enough for all the employees to avail the app.

The sign-up process is a gateway for your registration process. The procedure is as follows

  • Fill up the sign-up form with your personal and business details.
  • Read the application’s Legal Policy
  • Set your Password.
  • A verification mail from Troop Messenger team has been sent to your registered mail id.
  • The first registered user (sign-up) will become an admin of the application by default. He/She can add users/team members/employess into the Troop Messenger.
  • Start adding employees of your organization into the application to ensure end-to-end encrypted office chat experience for the best team collaboration.
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