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Screenshare feature is one of the dynamic collaborative chat supporting features of Troop Messenger. It allows the team member/user to share their screen at the time of chat conversation with the recipient team member/user. The recipient user can see the entire real-time desktop screen. The sender can share his/her desktop screen once the screenshare request is accepted by the recipient user. Both sender and receiver has the ability to stop the screen sharing session at their respective ends.

Key points to note:

  • Troop Messenger’s ScreenShare allows the team members/users to see what’s exactly happening on the presenter’s desktop screen.
  • The presenter(sender) can show documents, presentations, videos, or anything which he/she is currently working on. The recipient would be able to see the actions of the presenter such as typing, selecting items, performing tasks, programming etc.,
  • It helps the team members/users to remotely share their screen, even while they are out of the office LAN premises.

It is mandate that the recipient user is online and should be active on the Troop Messenger to initiate Screen Share. 

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