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Profile gives all the basic information of the user.  This feature allows you to see your own/self-profile. It enables you to upload your image/photo, check your personal and business details such as mobile number, email, designation, company and location. The user can set the status to Available or DND (Do Not Disturb) from this profile page.

Admin has the rights/privilege to add the team members/users personal and business details. Once they are added, the user can see them in their Troop Messenger’s profile page.

Profile page of every team member is designed into three separate entities as follows:


This window allows the user to know his/her personal and works details. It also allows the user to see the current version of the application. A version-update refresh button has been given in this window. Whenever a new version is released, the user needs to simply click on it to get upgraded to the latest version. 


The user is allowed to reset his/her password from this page at any point of time. Enter the details of your Old Password, create a New Password, then Confirm your New Password. Login to the application with the new reset password.


  • This page will give brief information of the user’s activity. The user can check his/her overall data consumption from this window, along with the data usage segregation in terms of messages, Images & Videos, and Files. Whenever the user lands into this page, it gives the updated data usage information.
  • The Notifications button from this window allows you to toggle it. You can turn ON/OFF your notifications as per your need.
  • This window allows the user to logout from the current desktop application along with the privilege of logging out from all the active devices. When the user clicks on “logout from all devices”, he/she will be logged out, from the desktop, web and mobile applications at once.


Profile: Team Members

Any team member can see/check the profile image, personal and business details of other team members by clicking on profile image icon.

Profile: Group

The profile page of the Group gives the information of the group profile image, group name, group description, member count of the group with its list of group members. A search functionality has also been enabled in this page to further narrow down your group member selection. This page also allows you to exit from the group.

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