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Orange Member

Release date: 7th March 2019, 8 am EST

Version Number:  Desktop: 1.4.2  |  Android: 1.4.2  |  iOS: 1.2.5

The Orange Member feature of Troop Messenger encourages a provision to add other company employees, vendors, customers, or others to be a part of the application or organization with their respective business or public domain mail ids. The Admin of the Troop Messenger application has the privilege to do so.

When a non-company employee, vendor or customer has been made an active user of the Troop Messenger application, by the company’s Admin, he/she can be called as an Orange Member to that respective company.

Key Insights

  • Once added to your company’s Troop Messenger’s business chat application, they are seen in the users/team members list.
  • To identify as who has been added as an Orange Member, the native users/team members of the application can identify them with an orange color dot appearing on bottom right of their profile image in the users/participant’s list.
  • Any organization that uses Troop Messenger can make any number of Orange members, based on their subscription plan.
  • Any user of the Troop Messenger application can be an orange member to multiple companies.
  • If the “X” user/team member of Company A has been added as an Orange Member to Companies B, C and D. Now this “X” user will be able to see the list of the Orange Companies at the top of the Troop Messenger. Their home company will be indicated with the symbol “HOME” within the same banner.
  • The “X” user/team member can switch between their home company and the orange companies by clicking on the tabs, and chat with the employees of companies B, C and D (Orange Companies) within the limitations permitted by the home company admin.

(As we understand that Orange Members are non-company users, their existence within the application remains tentative.  There could be a chance that they might be a need to interact with a few team members of the organization, on any project or business. Assuming this scenario, the admin of the application can set certain conditions and permissions on every orange member, so as to protect the native users/team members privileges and privacies).

Admin Privileges

The Admin of the Troop Messenger can set certain conditions and permissions on every Orange Member.


The conditions would include as listed below:

An Orange Member:

  • Can’t create groups
  • Can’t be added in groups
  • Can’t see message info of other users
  • Can’t see profile info of other users
  • Replace Orange Dot with Light Orange.

The Admin of a company has the privilege to impose few or all conditions from the above-said list on the Orange Member, based on their requirement.


This module allows a company’s admin to define and configure the scope of communication between their employees to its orange members or vice-versa.

  • An admin of a company can set default permissions for all the orange members collectively.
  • An admin of a company can set permissions to every individual orange member to whom they can chat with their employees.
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