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Multi-Factor Authentication - MFA

*On-premise: Available

*SaaS: Coming Soon

Troop Messenger provides you with the feature of multi-factor authentication with five different authentication methods to ensure safe access for its users and admins, alongside the login credentials they use while accessing Troop Messenger.

Enforce the use of an MFA on the application as well as on the Admin Dashboard to avoid unauthorized access while you're away from it or when the application remains inactive. When the pre-set idle timeout of MFA expires, it will ask you to enter the PIN or other verification method to gain access to the application and the Dashboard. Even if you're not connected to the internet, you can still validate your access on Troop Messenger desktop and mobile apps with the help of MFA-offline.

The various types of MFA offered by the Troop GRIT are:

  • PIN/Biometric
  • Only PIN
  • Password
  • Email (To use Email MFA you must integrate your Email SMTP Server)
  • SMS (To use SMS MFA you must integrate your SMS gateway)

This MFA facility is offered by the on-premises service model, Troop GRIT. Let’s know how to enforce the MFA:

  • Go to Admin Dashboard
  • Find the option of MFA in Advanced tab
  • Select MFA

Note: You must note that you should be one of the TM-Admins out of two to enforce an MFA on your users, admin dashboard, and TM-Monitor.

To implement the MFA:

  • As a TM-admin, you can enforce MFA on your application user's mobile, desktop, and browser apps by setting an MFA PIN.
  • As a user, you can set your MFA PIN from personal settings.
  • In case of Email/SMS mode of MFA, system generated PIN will be sent to user’s Mailbox/mobile device as an SMS.
  • As a TM-admin, you can enforce MFA to gain access to the Dashboard and TM Monitor.

How a user can change the MFA PIN?

  1. Go to your Personal Settings
  2. Select Security
  3. Click Change PIN
  4. Enter your current MFA PIN
  5. Click on the arrow mark
  6. Enter your new MFA PIN
  7. Click on the tick mark
  8. Your MFA PIN has been changed.

Use Cases

Helps the users of:

  • Government Organizations and PSUs
  • Armed Forces
  • Pharma Units
  • Manufacturing
  • IT and ITES Industries
  • Large Enterprises
  • Start-ups and SMEs
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