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Authenticate your AD server with LDAP/SSO integration!

Connect your Active Directory (AD) server or Open LDAP directory types to Troop Messenger collaboration workspace to have a secured logon authentication to your user accounts such as user names, passwords, contact numbers, and others with LDAP/SSO integration.

LDAP will help you manage and access your directory services, whereas SSO will allow you to have a single sign-on across the domains when your network has multiple AD servers.

Key points to note:

  • Your Troop Messenger Admin has to configure LDAP/SSO to your AD.
  • You can deactivate Troop Messenger from your AD server at any point in time.
  • The LDAP integration can only read your AD directory, it will not write or modify anything on to your AD.
  • You can delete your user accounts in Troop Messenger, however, they will still be intact within your AD.
  • But when you delete your user accounts in your AD, they will get deactivated from Troop Messenger as well.

How to enable/integrate LDAP?

Step1: Configure LDAP service Endpoint from>>settings>>LDAP.

Step2: Go to Advanced

Step3: Select LDAP/SSO

Step4: Select Directory Type, either Active Directory or Open LDAP form the drop-down menu.

Step5: Fill in the details as asked for; Name, Username, Password, Host Name, Port, Base DN, and User Filter.

Step6: Enable SSL if needed.

Once you configure your AD with LDAP/SSO, you should enable LDAP while signing into Troop Messenger to provide secure authentication to your user accounts.

Use Cases

Helps the users of:

  • Government Organizations and PSUs
  • Armed Forces
  • Pharma Units
  • Manufacturing
  • IT and ITES Industries
  • Large Enterprises
  • Start-ups and SMEs


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