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The Groups feature of Troop Messenger brings members of a team together to a unified workspace to share work files, discuss work using its chat, group audio-video calling, audio message, code snippet, and Forkout feature functionalities.

The users of Troop Messenger can create unlimited and separate groups for departments, projects, locations, teams, etc. Instead of conveying information to each team member in their 1:1 chat window, team collaboration happens best within the group conversation windows.

The group members share common access to the text files, image attachments, and videos shared across the group chat feature. In Troop Messenger, a Group can have an unlimited member in it. Any team member /user of Troop Messenger can create an unlimited number of Groups. The functionality is as follows:

Create a Group

  • The team member/user who creates a group will become the Group Admin, where he/she will have the privilege of adding or removing members from the Group.
  • The group admin can make other members of the group an admin or moderator while creating a group. 
  • While creating a group, you can define it as an Airtime group for restricting members of the group to only receive messages from the group admin or moderator.
  • The user/team member has to click on the Groups icon to start creating a Group.
  • The user can create a Group by defining its Group name and Group Description. The content limit of Group Description should not exceed 80 characters.
  • Select the members of the group from the "Add Members" section. You can see the selected group members on the right-side section of the group creation pop-out window. 
  • To deselect the added team members/users, click on the cancel icon.
  • Once the selection of team members/users is done, click Create.

Group Profile Image Icon

A Group Profile image icon is seen on this page. Any member of the Group has the privilege to upload the Group Profile Image. You can identify the members of the group with the help of their profile images while you converse with each other across the group chat window.

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