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The Groups feature of Troop Messenger unifies teams of diverse domains at one place. For instance, team members can create separate groups for each department, area, team, etc., This feature allows the users of the organization to convey a single message through a group chat, to multiple team members with in a group, without typing the same message to individual team members again and again.

In Troop Messenger, a Group can have an unlimited number of participants. Any team member /user of Troop Messenger can create an unlimited number of Groups. The functionality is as follows:


Create a Group

  • The team member/user who creates a group will become the Group Admin and he/she will have the privilege of adding or removing participants from the Group.
  • The user/team member has to click on the Groups Icon to start creating a Group.
  • The user can create a Group by defining its Group name and Group Description. The content limit of Group Description should not exceed 80 characters.
  • The “Add Members”, section of the Group page with an extended search functionality allows the Group Admin to select team members/users randomly, and they are shown in the “selected members”, section of the same page.
  • To deselect the added team members/users, click on the cancel icon
  • Once the selection of team members/users is done, Click Create.


Group Profile Image Icon

A Group Profile image icon is seen in this page. Any group member of the Group has the privilege to upload the Group Profile Image.

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