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Group Profile

The group profile facility helps the group members view its name, description, and profile image. The person who has created it will be the group admin. He/she can make other group members as an admin or a moderator.

Here in the group profile, you find the sections of Users, Logs, and Settings. Let’s know what they do:

Users: Find all the group members from here.

Logs: The Logs feature gives a detailed history of the activities performed by the group admin/moderator. It shows the actions of; group creation, adding or removing users, making or removing users as admin/moderator by date and time.

Settings: The Settings feature of the group profile allows the group admin to exit the group by making any other user as a group admin.

Also, this feature helps the group admin to delete:

  • All messages and files of the group
  • Only messages of the group
  • Only files of the group
  • Group

Let’s have a quick look at the following:

Group admin’s roles:

  • Can add more members to the group
  • Can make any member of the group as an admin/moderator
  • Can remove members from the group
  • Can delete group
  • Can exit from the group by making another group member as admin.

Special Provisions of a group admin:

  • Can delete all messages and files of the group
  • Can delete only messages
  • Can delete only files

A quick look at the moderator’s role:

  • Can add members to the group
  • Can’t make other members as admin/moderator
  • Can’t remove members of the group
  • Can’t delete the group


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