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Global Search Filters

The global search filters help the users of this instant messaging app, Troop Messenger, filter out members, groups, orange members, and de-activated/exited users separately. You don’t have to scroll the entire chat list to reach any user or group. You can use the search functionality to randomly select the team members or groups to start a chat conversation.

In addition, the date-time range filters let the users filter out specific messages from the entire chat list. They can achieve this by entering text/keyword in the search bar.

How can you see the chat list here?

  • The Admin of the Troop Messenger gathers personal and business details of each employee and adds this information to the user’s/team members profile at the Admin’s Dashboard.
  • The team member/user needs to update the admin if there are any changes in the designation or the contact number in due course of time.
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