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The Forkout functionality of this team chat app allows the user to send a text message or attachment to multiple individual users or multiple groups at a single point in time. You don’t have to create a separate group to share the same message or the attachment to a high volume of users in one go. Rather, Forkout it!

Enter the text message or upload an attachment and click Forkout, or do vice versa to share it across multiple individual users and groups. Use the search functionality while selecting the users and groups instead of scrolling the entire chat list. The recipient users can identify the Forked-out chat message with a Forkout feature icon showing within it. Enable/disable the Fork out marker while sending it.

Once the selection of team members/users is made, the selected team members and group number count are seen near the Forkout Icon for user understanding.

Key Points to Note:
• Use the side scroll bar to see the complete user list and Group list for your selection.
• A refresh button allows you to change your selection.
• The user can cancel Forkout selection by clicking on the Cancel button.
• You can disable the Forkout functionality from the UI from the Message Entry-box Icons facility of Fonts and Formats.

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