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Your organization’s sensitive information would be vulnerable to hackers if you do not use the apps that provide encryption. We recommend that all forms and sizes of business enterprises choose one of the encryption types provided by Troop Messenger to protect your organizations’ intellectual property and data.

Impose encryption and protect the contents of your work conversations, letting only the sender and the intended recipient have access to the contents of the message. Here we put you to the encryption types offered by Troop Messenger. As a TM-Admin, you may opt from any of the following:

  • Plain
  • Standard
  • E2EE (End-to-End Encryption)


Ensure to enable SSL before you choose the encryption type, the Plain. When encryption Plain is enforced, all the chat conversations and calling signals are TLS (Transport Layer Security) encrypted in transit, but your conversations will not be encrypted at rest.


Troop Messenger uses AES-256 military-grade encryption algorithms in its Standard encryption to protect users' conversations and calls. As a TM-Admin, when you choose to go with the encryption type, Standard, the following points are applicable when it is enforced:

  • SSL needs to be enabled to use this Encryption.
  • Conversations will be encrypted in Transit and Rest.
  • Calling signals will be encrypted in Transit.
  • Conversation search/filter feature will not be available
  • Cannot be downgraded to Plain.
  • Cannot be upgraded to E2EE.

E2EE – End-to-End Encryption

In this type of Encryption, your chat conversations are encrypted (on the sender’s device) and decrypted (on the recipient’s device) with the help of two key system, the public-private key-pair. The encrypted or the ciphered chat text that transmits across the public channel or the internet without being compromised for the data breaches by hackers, when E2EE is enforced.

Following points are applicable when E2EE is enforced

  • Cannot be downgraded to Standard Encryption and below.
  • Messages can be sent only when receiver user has logged in at least once.
  • TM Monitor will not be available.
  • Users should safely store/preserve their private key. Otherwise, they will lose access to their account.
  • Supports multi-device login.
  • Access to Web application will be restricted.

Use Cases

Helps the users of:

  • Government Organizations and PSUs
  • Armed Forces
  • Pharma Units
  • Manufacturing
  • IT and ITES Industries
  • Large Enterprises
  • Start-ups and SMEs
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