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Chat Area Filters

The chat area filters feature of Troop Messenger enables the user to search by his/her preferred type of chat message. It helps to eliminate unnecessary information from your search. These filters allow you to trim down your search fast and easy, and let you find the right choice.

The user need not search the entire chat window to retrieve - for instance, an image file. When he/she clicks on the “filter by Image” icon, the search results would include all the images transferred between sender and recipient.

You can find a wide variety of chat area filters in this team collaboration app, the Troop Messenger, and they are as follows:

Filter by Image:
This filter enables you to find the image search results.

Filter by Video:
This filter allows you to find the video search results.

Filter by File:
This filter helps you to find file search results.

Filter by Link:
This filter enables you to see the search results of all shared links.

Filter by Contact:
This filter helps you to check the search results by selected the contact name.

Filter by Location:
This filter lets you know all the search results by location.

Filter by Read Receipt:
This filter lets you narrow down the search results for read receipt tagged messages.

Filter by Flag:
This filer allows you to view flagged messages only.

Filter by Respond Later:
This filter lets you view the search results of respond later tagged messages only.

Filter by Favourite Contacts:
This filter allows you to filter out your favorite contacts by clicking on the favorite contacts star symbol present at the top right of the users/participants list of the Troop Messenger page.
It further enables you to filter out your favorite contact’s conversations by clicking on the selected filtered out favorite contacts.

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