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Cattle Call

Cattle Call, a new name for Video Call Conferencing, from Troop Messenger!

Talk, Meet, Share, Teach, Sell, Connect, Manage and do a lot more with Cattle Call’s high-quality video meetings. Meet up now!

Agile scrum meetings, product review sessions, daily stand-up meetings, remote teams, online education and more! Schedule an enterprise-ready scalable video conference.

Schedule Meetings

Schedule team meetings within Troop Messenger at your preferred time and date! You can add the internal team members and invite the external stakeholders (guest users) while scheduling the audio-video conferencing call. A meeting invite link will be sent to the participant's email addresses allowing them to join the conference call directly, without downloading the application.

Quick Takeaways:
You can:

  • join the meeting by submitting the meeting id
  • find all the upcoming meetings in one place
  • express your interest to join meeting with; Yes, No, and Tentative.

Invite External Members

Now you can invite external members to Troop Messenger to join the audio-video conference meetings through Cattle Call. The external members; such as customers, clients, vendors, stakeholders, etc., can directly join the ongoing conference with the help of a meeting invite link sent to their email addresses.

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