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Burnout is an exceptional privacy feature of Troop Messenger with a predefined timer. The self-destruct confidential chat window allows the team member/user to chat in private within a stipulated period. The user can select the desired timer option and start a one-to-one conversation with the recipient. Your recipient must accept your burnout request to initiate it. A separate burnout window is opened to start the chat. The Burnout chat conversation gets deleted automatically once the timer expires or when the user explicitly terminates the burnout chat window.

Key Points to Note:

  • Your Troop Messenger Admin can enable/disable this feature from the UI from the admin dashboard>>controls>>Burnout if he/she doesn't find it suitable to your company policy.
  • The admin can allow or restrict the users and the Orange Members on the usage of the Burnout from the Admin Dashboard-Controls.
  • This feature will work only when the recipient user has the latest app version, which supports Burnout.
  • A user can receive up to three simultaneous burnout requests at a time.
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