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Have your company logo on the UI of Troop Messenger!

Troop Messenger, the collaboration workspace, provides the business owner with the facility to incorporate their company logo or their business name within it. Your Troop Messenger admin will have the privilege to upload your company logo, making it visible to all your staff. The feature, "Branding Logo," makes your staff comfortably exchange work conversations and files as it makes them feel that the Troop Messenger has been chosen by their company for performing daily work conversations. 

Key Points to Note:
As a TM-Admin:

  • You will always have the option to Enable or Disable the Branding Logo from the Troop Messenger UI from the Admin Dashboard – Feature Controls.
  • Upload your company logo to your desktop app, browser, and mobile app.
  • You can upload the logo from your PC.
  • You can align the placement of the logo to the left, centre, or right.
  • After you upload the company logo, you can apply the background color of your choice or keep it as-is.
  • Finally, you can have a look at the preview of the logo to see how it appears on the Troop Messenger UI.
  • Save the changes to have your company logo on the Messenger UI.

Use Cases

Helps the users of:

  • Start-ups, SMEs, and Large Enterprises
  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government and PSUs
  • Manufacturing and Pharma Units
  • IT and ITES industries
  • Defence Agencies
  • Political parties and others
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