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Audio Messaging

Audio Messaging

Audio Messaging feature of Troop Messenger facilitates the user of the application to send or receive a quick short audio clip to any team member/group. Instant audio message enhances flawless two-way communication. Audio messaging is one of the best alternatives to audio calls and one-on-one chat conversation. Simply speak to record your voice and transmit across single contacts and groups.

This feature is available across the platforms of desktop and mobile applications. Any user/group of the application has the ability to send and receive an audio message.


  • The user can find the Audio Messaging Icon from the chat-type area of team member/group chat window.
  • Enable Audio Messaging functionality and start speaking.
  • Preview your audio message recording.
  • You can use the Forkout functionality to send the recorded audio message across multiple contacts and multiple groups at once.
  • You have the provision to cancel the recorded audio message.
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