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Audio Calling

Troop Messenger now introduces one-on-one voice /audio calling feature in this version release.

Voice calling feature of Troop Messenger allows the user to place an audio/voice call for better team collaboration. It enables you to have a crystal clear and smooth conversation experience. Any team member/user of the application can initiate, or receive an audio/voice call.

The user can find the Audio/Voice Calling Icon from the chat-type area of team member/user chat window. Click on the “+” symbol to find the “Audio” feature.


  • The user can converse through an audio/voice call when it is received by the recipient user.
  • An audio/voice call can be initiated even though when the user is not active in the application.
  • A “missed audio/voice call”, notification is seen on the user interface if it’s not received by the team member/user.
  • Users/team members can simultaneously switch between an audio/voice call and chat with the same user or other users of the application.
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