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Smart, Secure and Proven Collaboration software for government

Confidentiality is vital for effective governance. Insulating across the board communication channels is paramount. We comprehend governments’ necessity for a flexible yet highly fluid channel for a seamless sharing of official matters among the policy makers and implementing authorities.

Your inter-departmental conversations are now more secure with Troop Messenger.
Why Troop Messenger?
We, at the Troop Messenger Development Centre, understand how your valued data needs to be rightly encrypted while you exchange information across your departments.
Security-Level Benefits
  • Multi-layered security for all data.
  • Data encryption while at transit and rest.
  • Multi-Layered admin privileges
  • Mitigates the risk of data theft
  • High quality audio/video calling/conferencing
  • Private Chat Burnout Window for confidential conversations
Feature-Level Benefits
  • All Enterprise edition features
  • Real-time communication flow
  • Group Conversations
  • Designed for private networks
  • Made for low internet bandwidths
  • Live tracking
  • Finger Print and Passcode authentication access
  • Surveillance feature to closely monitor communication.
How Troop Messenger helps
Your data, your control!
Keep all your sensitive communications at your own account without any eavesdropping. Right to access your data at any point of time, as it resides at your own servers.
Feasible Deployment(self-hosting)
Simply connect Troop Messenger to the infrastructure on which you want to deploy it. Self-Host it at your private cloud, public cloud, or at your on-premise servers.
Digitize Conversations
High-performance governments can rely on Troop Messenger for all forms of digital interactions. We keep your sensitive data private and secure.
Highly – Scalable
Be it the increase in maximum number of users, and data storage capacity. Troop Messenger doesn’t need to be redesigned as its performance scales to need.
Reaches everywhere
Transform your connectivity needs! Hinge on to Troop Messenger’s last-mile connectivity abilities to reach out your teams and people for all work routines and emergencies.
Be the owner of all your message-exchanges. Manage and maintain your total data space either with single-point or collaborative.
Levels of security
Experience the three levels of Enterprise level security with finger-print, passcode, and user credentials.
Use Cases
Inter-departmental communication
Securely collaborate and communicate across a wide range of departments. All your conversations across shared work-spaces are seamlessly encrypted. Centralize your messaging facilities while connecting with officials at every level for increased productivity and transparency.
Stay in touch with citizens of your State/Province
Integrate our Chat APIs to communicate with the people of your zone to increase awareness of the services you extend to them. Connect with them with live chat to understand their concerns and feedback.
Shift your conference room meetings to Troop Messenger’s quick chat groups. Discuss and get to know each participant’s opinion to conclude smartly.
Remote Working
With a broad mandate to support government services round the clock despite public holidays and week offs. Connect with your teams from anywhere across the world with Troop Messenger and receive live communication updates related to work, meetings, and emergencies.
Attuned for all emergencies
React and respond promptly in all sudden and major outbreaks. Create a shared workspace and exchange ideas and information to understand the priorities that need to be attended first.
Collaborate Internationally
TM bridges geographical distances! Communicate and collaborate with counterparts across governments for real-time decision making and governance.
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