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Troop Messenger is a user-friendly office chat app compact with contemporary features addressing your business needs and necessities.

Group Calling
Interact directly with voice call & Video call
  • Meetings of work are made easier with group calls! You can add the members of the group while initiating or in between your audio-video group call. To your surprise, any participant can present their screen contents with an in-built screen share functionality of it. Use the feature to know more.
Join now
Join now feature to connect with the ongoing call
  • Missed the group calling invite? No worries anymore! Use the Troop Messenger’s brand-new ‘Join now’ feature to connect with the ongoing call.
Remote Screen Sharing and Controlling
you can initiate an audio-video call during the screen share to detail the contents
  • Present your weekly work report to your team managers with remote screen sharing and allow them to access the contents of your work using screen controlling. All this happens right within your Troop Messenger without the need to integrate any third-party tool! Here comes the icing on the cake; you can initiate an audio-video call during the screen share to detail the contents.
Instant Messaging
Communicate and exchange work updates with each team member of the application with one-on-one messaging
  • One-on-One Messaging

    Communicate and exchange work updates with each team member of the application with one-on-one messaging.

  • Recall

    Posted a message in the wrong window! No worries. Simply call the message back with the recall feature.

  • Copy

    Enables the user to copy a single or multiple chat conversations in just one go!

  • Info

    Get to know the read and delivered status of the chat message along with the time!

  • Reply

    Send a response to the received chat message by encapsulating it.

  • Forward

    Be it text or attachments, send to multiple users/groups in one go!

  • Delete

    Your chat history is filled with unwanted conversations? Delete the sent and received at your end.

Calling text
  • Video Call

    Have a face – to – face interaction with a team over projects and presentations, deadlines, To-Dos, and much more!

  • Voice Call

    Interact directly with voice call for better clarity and transparent communication across team members.


Troop Messenger for business makes your collaborative work easy and enjoyable with unlimited groups. No limits on team communication!

  • Unlimited Groups
  • Now make your chat area more interesting and colorful with Wallpapers. Choose from a whole range of collections and customize your chat background to suit your mood/occasion.
Help tile
  • Learn everything from right within Troop Messenger’s in-app help. Explore the latest versions, understand the application usage through How-Tos and FAQs, check for all the latest news/app maintenance updates from TM Bulletin, and finally, reach our customer support help desk for all kinds of app-related queries and technical assistance.
  • Now manage your application’s behavior from Settings. Be it checking your profile, changing your password, check your activity, applying wallpapers, changing the font, or setting notifications. Do everything right within Settings.
Audio Messaging
  • Listen to the crystal clear audio message to get to know things better! Send or receive a quick short audio message from users/groups.

  • The admin’s world! Perform every action right from adding employees to purchasing subscriptions.

Orange Member
Have hassle-free collaboration with clients and vendors with Orange Member feature from this collaboration software.
  • You can add other company employees, vendors, customers, or others to be a part of the application or organization.
  • Check out your self-profile! Also, go to your team member's profile to know them.

splash board
Find all the functional features of this business messenger from a single Splashboard layout.
  • Splashboard
Confidentially chat with your team members within a private chat conversation window. Your chats are stored nowhere!
  • It allows the team member/user to chat in private within a stipulated time period.
Pick multiple team mates and groups to share a common message to all in just one go!
  • Forkout allows the user to send a text message to multiple individual participants or to multiple groups, at a single point of time.
Live Location Tracking
Know the whereabouts of your team mates. Get the live location updates!
  • Live Location Tracking feature of Troop Messenger allows you to share your real-time location with the participants of an individual chat for a specific amount of time.
Emoji Layout
  • Add fun to your work conversations with a wide range of Emojis.

Share all kinds of file attachments across one-on-one chat messaging, and in Group Chats.
  • File Sharing

    Troop Messenger, the team messenger application assures simple and easy file sharing across individual and group chats.

  • Screen Sharing

    Share your real-time desktop screen to other team members for a better understanding of tasks.

Read Receipts
  • Let your team know the message you send is important, and get it acknowledged by them with Read Receipts.

  • Texted the wrong information? Or want to extend the sentence? No worries. Now correct the sent message with the feature, Edit. But remember, you can edit it only within five minutes.

respond later
Respond Later
  • Forgot to reply to a high priority chat conversation?. Now you can tag that chat message with Respond Later feature to reply later. Filter out those tagged messages by applying a respond later filter from global and advanced search and happily reply when you feel like.

  • Lost in the ocean of messages?. Want to mark a few of them as important?. Then, mark all those sent/received instant chat messages with a Flag, and start identifying them easily. View them all at once place by applying the filter from the advanced filter group.

Stop going up and down. Just Search for any user or group by name.
  • Global Search

    Stop scrolling your mouse up and down to select your preference. Just use the advanced-single search filter, to get filtered out search results of users, groups, orange members, and date-time range.

  • Text Search

    Stop scrolling the entire chat window of single users/groups to extract the text! Enter your requirement by simply selecting the user, time filters, and keywords. The filtered out text gets highlighted across the complete window.

Search Filters
Advanced search filters allow users to search by images, videos, contacts, location to ensure faster data retrieval.
  • Advanced Search Filters

    Simplifies the search results. Extract what you need! Advanced search filters allow users to search by images, videos, contacts, location to ensure faster data retrieval.

  • Time Filters

    Customize your search results by selecting the date range by entering a “From” and “To” date!

Unread Messages
  • Troop Messenger never let you miss any chat conversations. Read them all with an unread message filter.

Mute Conversations

  • No longer want to receive those noisy notifications. Mute/Unmute them!
Favourite users
  • Make a favourite users list to instantly collaborate with them.
Message History
Travel down the memory lane, retrieve messages across time.
  • One-on-One Messaging
Live Chat Support
  • Get 24/7 technical assistance from the Troop Messenger support team.

Data Record
Data Record text
  • Data Record

    Troop Messenger, an instant messaging for business allows access details of data usage and availability at the flick of a finger.

Large storage for unhindered communication.
  • 150GB for Premiumm
  • 1TB for Enterprise
Enhanced group profile
  • Know the activity history of the group admin and the group moderator in just one go with Logs. Settings are another part of the enhanced group profile. It allows the group admin and group moderator to delete the chat history of the group, only when they were allowed to so by the TM-Admin.
Admin Dashboard - Groups
  • Admins and moderators of Troop Messenger! Are you looking for a feature where you have total control over the groups created at the application side? Here comes a new facility called the groups in the admin dashboard. It allows you to delete multiple groups as well as the chat histories of one or more groups in one go.
Group Controls
  • The TM-admin can allow/restrict him/herself or the group admin/moderator from deleting all messages and files, all messages, and all files of a group. These permissions have to be set by the TM-admin in the group section-control module.
Airtime Groups
  • You want to send a message and do not wanted to receive any replies? Then, create an airtime group to do so! Only the group admin or the moderator can send messages within an airtime group, while the group members can only receive them.
Contacts Management
  • Apart from storing the users’ information on Troop Messenger’s application, this contacts management module helps them to add and access the details of clients, customers, freelancers, and more from it.
    Don’t switch between the apps! Integrate them with Troop Messenger and work on them within it. Here are few:

  • Google drive
  • Drop box
Browser pop-out
  • Want to view the attachments that you share across the Troop Messenger on large scale? Just click on the browser pop-out icon to view your attachments on the browser.
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