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Defense Cooperation with Troop Messenger: Superior Texting for Troops Who Are Spread Out Geographically

Supports Air-Gapped Networks
  • We know you operate isolated from the public or the unsecured networks to protect your critical missions and the related communication exchanges!
  • And here is where the Troop Messenger helps your troops securely collaborate within your air-gapped networks with its service model of on-premise.
  • Deploy this intelligent and robust application by yourself using the self-service portal facility.

Security and Compliances
  • Use Troop Messenger’s LDAP/SSO authentication to ward off unauthorized access to your defense conversations.
  • The custom-built Troop GRIT caters to the stringent security requirements of defense and intelligence agencies.
  • It strictly abides by its data retention policies as per the GDPR’s regulations.
*Defense Messaging made secured with Troop GRIT!*

Troop GRIT is the right fit to have a secured defence collaboration and communication. It is a feature-rich digital collaboration workspace specially designed to centralize your work and file storage. Keep intact the joined-up approach of military and defence teams!

What do you get from Troop GRIT?
  • Deploy Troop GRIT on your docker using the self-service portal.
  • Feasible deployment process with step-wise installation guides.
  • Migrate your files and conversations from your current tool to Troop Messenger.
  • Advanced access controls for application admins.
  • Receive regular product updates.
Collaboration is more secure across:
Made for all hierarchies
Stay in touch with people around you!
Training and Development
Dedicated War Rooms
Informed investigations
Remote Troops
Confidential conversations
Perfect Collaboration: Features never seen before!
One-on-one Messaging
Group Conversations
Remote screen sharing
Group Audio-Video Calling
Attachment Preview
Respond Later
Advanced Video Player
LDAP/Active Directory/SSO
Powerful admin dashboard
Integrations and more.
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