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Defence Manufacturing Industry

Encrypted communication app for Defence Manufacturing Industry

Our advanced messaging system, Troop Messenger, help you exchange secure and classified conversations while you develop a comprehensive production infrastructure to produce weapons, systems, platforms, and military equipment required for defence across your Defence manufacturing industries.

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Types of Communication Exchange with Troop Messenger
Real-time Party updates
It is one of the best Arms Industry software solutions for secure communication exchange via 1:1 and group chats, bulk messaging, stealth chat, etc.
Volunteer Management
You can send a voice-based message or talk to your project mates directly through voice call while you’re in the military equipment unit.
Live Feed
Use it in your Arms Production and Military services to initiate a 1:1 or group video call or message to understand your work procedures clearly.
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Integrate Troop Messenger into your Defense tactical vehicles and other ground-based military weapons system to exchange safe communication.
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You can integrate this communication system in your manufacturing software for Aerospace when you build systems for Air traffic and Air Defense Systems.
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Deploy this encrypted communication app for Defense Manufacturing Industry into your specialized ship services units to convey information on Defense Weapons Programmes.
Who can use this Military-Grade Messaging System?

Use it across State-Run, New State, Private Defence Manufacturing Companies, and others to secure in-office work conversations. Commission this chat application for Arms industry within your Department of Defence Production:

  • services headquarters,
  • regulatory authorities,
  • inter-services organisations,
  • technical directorates,
  • production establishments,
  • R&D centres and others.
Defense Manufacturers need one of the best communication tools for weapons manufacturing industry. Check out the privileges:
You can message, call and handle administrative tasks with Troop Messenger’s Real-time and Back-end REST APIs.
Real-time Party updates
Security-Level Benefits
  • Multi-layered security for all data
  • Data encryption while at transit and rest
  • Multi-layered admin privileges
  • Mitigates the risk of data theft
  • High quality audio/video calling/conferencing
  • Private Chat Burnout Window for confidential conversations
  • Use proven security protocals and practices
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Audit Logs and User Authorization
Real-time Party updates
Feature-Level Benefits
  • Real-time Chat Application for Air Force
  • Group Conversations.
  • Works best for high latency satellite communications
  • Designed for private networks
  • Live tracking
  • Bio-metric and Passcode authentication access
  • Surveillance feature to monitor(lawful interception)communication for accountability and compliance.
  • Intensive File Management ·
  • Guest User Facility with restricted access

Route your sensitive work conversations to your data centers. Defense manufacturers can deploy it in Arms industry, Shipyard, Avionics, Military Shipbuilding & Submarines industry etc.,

Isolated Networks
Troop Messenger works in your Air-Gapped networks that support offline communication.
Voice-Video Conferencing
Host this DOD message system on your on-premise servers and route conversations to your databases.
End-to-End Encryption
All your conversations, calls, and files are encrypted with military-grade security protocols.
Businesses all across the world trust us.
Perfect Collaboration: Features never seen before!
One-on-one Messaging
Group Conversations
Remote screen sharing
Group Audio-Video Calling
Attachment Preview
Respond Later
Advanced Video Player
LDAP/Active Directory/SSO
Powerful admin dashboard
Integrations and more.
Are the personal messengers safe for you?
Government Message

The answer is a straight no! The personal messengers do not hold accountability for the data breach. Also, they do not provide any sort of access controls on the usage of the application, hence, the possibility of data misuse is very high!

The other parameters that make you acquire a Defense companies communications tool would be:

  • They do not allow you to host the critical communications data on your servers.
  • Lack of ownership of official Data. And the same data cannot be erased or claimed or suspended, if and when needed. 
  • The member who left the organization shall still have access to chat logs and files.
  • Not secured, as the application also allows personal communications, on the same platform. 
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