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Built For Defence Collaboration Services

Bind and protect your communication untouched by any intruders with the defence collaboration software, Troop Messenger. Simplify your complex communication challenges by helping your troops forge ahead seamlessly with the issued orders at hand.

Born to fight! Troop Messenger   secures your data across geographies.
why Troop Messenger?
We understand the unique challenges you face to protect your critical data. Therefore we have leveraged a thought out military messaging solutions along with the best possible benefits. Feel secure with this messaging app for defence, with the following privileges:
Security-Level Benefits
  • Multi-layered security for all data
  • Data encryption while at transit and rest
  • Multi-layered admin privileges
  • Mitigates the risk of data theft
  • High quality audio/video calling/conferencing
  • Private Chat Burnout Window for confidential conversations
Feature-Level Benefits
  • Real-time defence collaboration services
  • Group Conversations.
  • Works best for high latency satellite communications
  • Designed for private networks
  • Live tracking
  • Finger Print and Passcode authentication access
  • Surveillance feature to closely monitor communication.
How Troop Messenger can help in
Defence Communications?
Data Ownership
Be the owner of all your message-exchanges. Manage and maintain your total data space either with single-point or collaborative ownership.
Feasible Deployment
Simply connect Troop Messenger to the infrastructure on which you want to deploy it. Self-Host it at your private cloud, public cloud, or at your on-premise servers. Easy deployment is just a few steps away!
Track Communication in Live
Live track your troops who are on the mission! Get to know the real-time location along with the communication updates to understand the unique challenges they face.
Play Hide and Seek
Enable the features what you require, and tentatively disable those you feel unsecure at that moment.
Suits All Network Types
Troop Messenger, an instant messaging software for military, is designed to fit all network types those including low-bandwidth.
Secure File Sharing
Being security-conscious, Troop Messenger never allows you to share your files across consumer-grade file sharing applications, instead, it provides a highly secured and encrypted army safe file transfer.
Compliance We ensure full-level data security with our GDPR compliance. Troop Messenger is one of the uniquely designed military collaboration tools with the best security standards.
Use Cases
Made for all hierarchies
Report your higher authorities of all cadres just right within a single interface. Receive every military communication on this powerful defense collaboration tool.
Shift your conference room meetings to Troop Messenger’s quick chat groups. Discuss and get to know each participant’s opinion to conclude smartly.
Stay in touch with people around you!
Integrate our Chat APIs to communicate with the people of your zone to increase awareness of the services you extend to them. Connect with them with live chat to understand their concerns and feedback.
Training and Development
We are future-focussed! Train your teams online through Troop Messenger’s Groups. This secure application offers you end-to-end encrypted chats and calls.
Dedicated War Rooms
React and respond promptly in all sudden and major outbreaks. Create a shared workspace and exchange ideas and information to understand and redefine the priorities.
Informed investigations
Stay in touch with your workforce to receive prompt information updates on all the nation-wide investigations that you handle.
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