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Messaging App for Courts

Court management software

Troop Messenger is a video conferencing and instant messaging platform made for the courts of India, in India. A single, integrated, and independent judiciary needs a unified communication system to bring seamless collaboration to its judges, lawyers, court staff, etc. Livestream court proceedings, upload case files to a secure file repository, transmit court orders through encrypted lines, and do much more with this court management software.

Political Campaign Software
Streamline communication across courts with:
Real-time Party updates
Secure Chat
Use this instant communication platform of 1:1 chat for direct messaging, group chats for court staff collaboration, Forkout for delivering announcements to multiple users, Burnout window for exchanging sensitive case conversations, Audio message for sending quick voice notes, and message-to-self for information backup
Volunteer Management
Troop Messenger works as the best in-house communication tool for justice agencies, letting them have secure conversations over 1:1 and group audio-video calls. Be it civil, criminal, family, or any other legal issue, the lawyers can coordinate and discuss case information over a professional tool of this sort rather than a personal messaging tool.
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Ours is a defense-validated collaboration tool that can secure online court proceedings through this video conferencing platform. The court staff can use video conferencing at civil and criminal levels at various judiciary levels for exchanging face-to-face conversations while providing legal aid, dispute resolution, etc
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File Sharing
You can share all media files, such as PDFs, Word docs, Images, Videos, etc., across 1:1 and group chat. This on-premise app can also act as your case management system, as it supports uploading files from your local PC. Also, File Deck helps you find shared and uploaded files in one place.
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Contacts Management
Manage all the user contacts at one location from the contacts management module. It stores the users' info, added by the admin, to this software application for judicial. You can view the contacts of lawyers, court staff, bench, and guest users.
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Troop Messenger can work as an integrated software for courts and justice agencies. You can integrate it with the applications such as FASTER that you use daily.
Virtual Communication Support for Virtual Courts
Secure Video Solutions for Virtual Court

Courts need secure video solutions for virtual courts, such as Troop Messenger. Start conversating with the wide range of features and facilities available within this secure communication for justice department that helps have seamless virtual court proceedings, such as,

  • Hearing arguments.
  • Proceedings of remand cases.
  • Digital storage of electronic evidence management 
  • Separate links for open and private court hearings.
Best of Video Conferencing from Troop Messenger for Courts

Troop Messenger supports the entire architecture of the ideal virtual court and helps provide communication and collaboration facilities to all levels of access in virtual courts. You can customize this messaging application for judicial according to the rules and guidelines set by the judiciary for video conferencing

  • Saves precious judicial time.
  • Provides transparency and privacy.
  • Offers authenticated login into virtual court.
  • Share screen content with all the participants.
  • Share case documents and media files.
  • Transcript and recording of hearings.
Video Conferencing Software for Courts
Businesses all across the world trust us.
Security Aspects

Allow you to host it on your servers, databases, and networks. Mitigates the risk of data theft.


Use Multi-Factor Authentication of app's-pin, fingerprint, etc., while accessing Troop Messenger.

End-to-End Encryption

All of your messages, calls, conferences, and files are safe with this encrypted chat application secure your data.

Burnout Window

Helps you exchange extremely confidential and sensitive case information over a self-destructible incognito window.

Admin Control

Your Troop Messenger admin shall have full control of the features and facilities that they make available to your staff.


Makes you Log into multiple platforms with a single set of credentials. Restricts unauthorized access to your Active Directory.

Are the personal messengers safe for you?
Government Message

The answer is a straight no! The personal messengers do not hold accountability for the data breach. Also, they do not provide any sort of access controls on the usage of the application, hence, the possibility of data misuse is very high!

The other parameters that make you acquire an instant messaging app for justice would be : 

  • They do not allow you to host the critical communications data on your servers.
  • Lack of ownership of official Data. And the same data cannot be erased or claimed or suspended, if and when needed. 
  • The member who left the organization shall still have access to chat logs and files.
  • Not secured, as the application also allows personal communications, on the same platform. 
Perfect Collaboration: Features never seen before!
One-on-one Messaging
Group Conversations
Remote screen sharing
Group Audio-Video Calling
Attachment Preview
Respond Later
Advanced Video Player
LDAP/Active Directory/SSO
Powerful admin dashboard
Integrations and more.
Instant Messaging App for Courts
Use Cases

Securely collaborate and communicate across courts of various levels.

Role-based Access Controls
Organization-Wide Messaging
Centralize your messaging facilities while connecting with staff at every level with this judicial enforcement management software.
Selectively integrate (as desired/designed by SCI) for seamless Inter-Agency communication, within this court management solution.
Voice-Video Conferencing
Dedicated Special Case Rooms
Create case specific groups to share and collaborate between the parties. Initiate unlimited virtual court proceedings.
Work Spaces
Create a tiered workspaces between Judges, Lawyers, Police, Jails, various legal subject matter experts, for immediate reach and correspondence.
Backup and Restoration
Access Restrictions
Troop Messenger provides advanced access control restrictions, incorporates cybersecurity practices, so only authorized can be contacted/reached.
 Units & User Authorization
Case Management
Maintain and archive, a record of every conversation, call, legal session, verdicts, all case files at one secure place.
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