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blogs Why Do Defense Forces Opt for On-Premise Models?

Why Do Defense Forces Opt for On-Premise Models?

Asloob Alam

Let's first analyze its core before learning why the Defense forces must use on-premise models.

Services for collaboration in the defense industry are far more significant than those in any other industry, including banking. Because they impact the country's security, the lives of the soldiers, and other important aspects, they perform a very efficient role, are intelligent, and unquestionably must be more secure than others. So, opting for on-premise deployment would be wise for all data-sensitive industries, especially Defense.

While businesses with less worry may choose a cloud-based solution, a risk-averse organization, like the Department of Defense, might require an on-premise solution. The cloud model includes third parties and entirely depends on the security standards they provide, which might or might not be substandard. It's also possible that they operate elsewhere than where you are. You have the flexibility to choose top-notch security procedures for on-premise security systems, protecting your data.

Many businesses use end-to-end encrypted chat apps, but when it comes to Defense, they must use something more advanced, like an on-premise solution.

What is On-Premise?

On-premises refers to a software and hardware infrastructure solution implemented and used exclusively inside your company's premises.

Introduction to On-Premise

Other industries may be held in choosing between on-premise vs. cloud models. Still, data-sensitive industries like Defense agencies, Banking, Health Care, and others select on-premise models, in which all hardware and software are kept on-site at the specified location or on your premises, and to emphasize on-premise security is very strong compared to cloud. The corporation owns the servers stored in a safe, climate-controlled facility on the site. The organization will need to employ experts to give specialist IT help and appropriate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to keep the equipment in working order.

As previously stated, an organization that manages its on-premises networks has complete control over security through solitary or collaborative activities. They are in charge of creating appropriate user access policies, installing firewalls and antivirus software, making sure security patches are installed on schedule, and stopping cyberattacks. Businesses with adequate IT support may rest easy knowing their servers are secure with on-premises solutions because they don't have to hand over their sensitive data to a third party.

Benefits of opting for On-Premise Models

To handle your data, on-premises storage depends on the infrastructure at your business's physical location. You will own every piece of machinery, and lifecycle management will fall under your purview. The other benefits of opting for on-premise models are:

Access the data offline

Users can access data from on-premises storage without an internet connection. Due to on-premises servers, you will have access to an internal network at any time, regardless of your internet connection. Despite most organizations relying on the internet to do business, there is always a concern that a lost connection could hamper productivity and make it impossible to access vital data.

Data Ownership

In an on-premises setup, tools and programs like self-hosted chat are deployed locally and managed by an organization's IT infrastructure. The admin will oversee and manage the linked process.

Before using an on-premise solution, an organization must purchase a license or copy. If you do not rely on a third party, you will have complete control over data because the software is licensed, and the entire instance is on the premises of an organization.

Eventually, changing the server's hardware can enable more customization and flexibility for their storage needs.


Departments or agencies that handle particularly sensitive data, like those in the Defense, banking, and government sectors, must have the security and privacy that an on-premise solution offers.

Anyone other than authorized personnel has no access to the on-premise storage. Since they are not storing the data online, on-premises servers are inaccessible from outside the network.

Your very own technicians are in charge of creating appropriate user access policies, installing firewalls and antivirus software, making sure security patches are installed on schedule, and stopping cyberattacks. With your adequate, IT support may rest easy knowing their servers are secure with on-premises solutions because they don't have to hand over their sensitive data to a third party.

If my guesstimation is valid, you might be looking for advice on the finest self-hosted chat application for Defense while reading this blog. To purposefully terminate your quest, let me inform you that the Defense departments of some of the world's most powerful countries are already using Troop Messenger, known for providing its services as a self-hosted chat.

Troop Messenger

Let's see how Troop Messenger can be an effective defense force message solution as a self-hosted chat.

Troop Messenger can appear to be just another secure collaboration tool or a team chat app. However, it is one of the few on-premise models that not only meets the requirements of on-prem but can also be used for defense communication owing to Troop Messenger's chat engine.

Defense needs a secure messaging app for the public Defense and Armed Forces to work internally without compromising on the data they exchange and adhering to their requirements. As Defense may route the chats throughout their networks and databases, Troop Messenger gives them complete control over the application with its on-premise deployment model.

Any industry, including the Department of Defense, can obtain a version customized to your ecosystem's workings. You can rest assured that there won't be any unauthorized third-party access to your standard or crucial data because it operates on Air-Gapped networks.

Troop Messenger, the on-premise chat server, comes with Trumpet, File Deck, TM-Monitor (with Lawful Interception), UNITs, User Authorization, etc., as the advanced capabilities to offer all the conventional and useful SaaS functions. The only features for user security are end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, LDAP/SSO, and role-based access controls.

Secure Communication

Troop Messenger emphasizes providing a safe and secure platform. Therefore even if it can also serve various models like SaaS, chat API & SDKs, among others, it supports on-premise models.

As aforementioned, on-Premise gives the administrator complete control; they will be the only authorized person with full access to Defense data and be able to limit access to the tool for other Defense staff depending on their ranking position or job & responsibilities. Giant multinational corporations select the on-premise option since it is the safest and only choice for keeping hackers and vandals from accessing Defense data.

End-to-End Encryption

This self-hosted application uses end-to-end encryption, which prevents anyone but the intended recipient from decrypting or accessing the message. Defense departments can start the communication process like military planning and operations without hesitation or second thoughts because all types of communication, including text messages, conferences, screen sharing sessions, audio/video calls, and other communication channels, will be safeguarded.

Troop Messenger utilizes some of the most well-known and dependable security protocols in the industry, including


  • AES-256,
  • Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman key agreement protocol,
  • SHA512 and PBKDF2 as primitives.


Air Gap Network

Cyber security professionals and organizations prioritizing security would deploy air gap protection technology. It primarily protects crucial networks from infiltration attempts and security breaches.

Every business has different requirements for air-gapped networks. Credit systems, PCI (payment card information) servers, Department of Defense, nuclear plans, medical devices, SCADA, and ICS network devices are sectors that favor air-gapped networks against non-air-gapped defense technology.

Transforming into a fully developed, defense-grade solution with a secure, on-site communication system based offline. Troop Messenger works as your chat application for Defense that secures communication operating across all terrains with limited bandwidths and high latency, such as satellite transmissions, to protect your connection securely.

Live Location Tracking

Troop Messenger prevents you from losing your soldiers in isolated places. The Defense will be able to track the soldiers' whereabouts without relying on their produced position coordinates due to live location tracking. This function has been demonstrated to be extremely useful when a soldier's surroundings, such as the weather or their health—make it challenging to reveal where they are.

Secret Chat Window

Defense officials can communicate in the impenetrable secret chat window thanks to this unique feature of Troop Messenger. The fact that the information or data supplied will terminate when you specify has another advantage because it won't be saved and thus can't be accessed by anyone.

File Sharing

This military messaging system will support encrypted, high-security file transfers of Army-grade. File-sharing should be limited within the platform. Anyone using the platform cannot send files using file-sharing apps made for common users.


If you are looking for a defense communication tool, your search ends with Troop Messenger, the only security solution for Defense. Troop Messenger is one of the few on-premise models that can seamlessly operate without any issue on air gap networks. Don't be misled; every on-premise solution cannot work on air-gapped networks. Following a proverb, Champagne is a sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wines are Champagne.

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