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blogs What is Workation? Exploring the Benefits of Combining Work and Vacation

What is Workation? Exploring the Benefits of Combining Work and Vacation

Asloob Alam

Workation is a portmanteau word that combines the words "work" and "vacation" and is also occasionally spelled workcation or worcation. By this point, I hope you have comprehended what is workation.

I am sure you know about the workplace, motivation, and fun at workplace prominence, but allow me to elaborate on them since every element imbues into workation.

What is Workplace?

A workplace is a location where someone goes to work for their employer or themselves, and it's where the facilities needed for work are provided. The broad workplace concept includes public and private workplaces in the formal and informal sectors. This covers both actual and virtual surroundings.

You and your employees devote more than 70% of the day to the job, leaving behind home, household responsibilities, parents, and so on. Therefore, if your employee is comfortable and happy at work, it will aid them in work-life balance and boost productivity. The perks of a positive work environment go far beyond team collaboration and enhancing work productivity.

Why is motivation essential?

As a business owner, you will wholly commit to more than anybody else in your organization. That is inevitable because it involves your dream, but since your employees work for a salary, they can leave for better offers at any other company. Having stated that, your motivating programs will be crucial in getting them engaged and improving their performance. It wouldn't help to share productivity quotes daily through your workplace collaboration software.

There are numerous ways to keep up your motivated activities. You could use employee recognition software to track the success of your teams and reward or recognize them to increase employee morale. Leave it or take it; if it is not, the ideal environment is nevertheless seen as toxic.

Motivated employees are flexible, particularly regarding change or adapting, and have a positive attitude toward their jobs. They improve performance and profitability by concentrating more on their jobs & responsibilities, contributing towards the common goal, and fostering the organization's reputation.

Fun at Work

A welcoming, encouraging environment at work typically characterizes an enjoyable workplace. Several companies, especially start-ups, regularly hold official and informal events to raise employee morale. These activities demonstrate to employees how much their efforts are valued by the organization, their coworkers, and the management.

As aforementioned, employees work more than 70% of the time each day; thus, they must be permitted to take breaks and have some fun at work. Contrarily, it will make their jobs tedious. It goes beyond sharing mental health memes; having fun at work will improve their mental health.

The workation concept can help you achieve the workplace, motivation, and fun at work concepts goals mentioned above. That is not a novel idea; some businesses used it in the past, but after COVID, employees became dependent on remote work. Most employees joined other organizations that work remotely or adhere to hybrid models when certain companies started opening because they chose to work from home. Hence, some companies implemented workation to retain employees.

What is Workation?

Workation is simply an event that blends work obligations with leisure time away from the office. According to some experts, it combines work and pleasure. Simply put, management establishes the workplace in places that are ideal destinations. You won't need to be surprised if your team doesn't experience any stress beyond enjoying themselves and keeping flexible work hours.

Do you know why certain restaurants alter their ambiance randomly, whereas star hotels offer guests various restaurants based on their preferences or cuisines? They do so since they don't want their customers to feel monotonous but rather because they want them to have a unique experience that will make them loyal customers. Similarly, workation will provide your internal customers or employees a unique experience of working in an entirely unexpected location and transform their efforts into joy, engaging them and creating a loyal workforce.

Types of Workations

There are some types of workations which have its perks, such as,

Solo Workation

Some freelancers or remote employees think that workation will enable them to produce excellent work, and this is true. They often locate their preferred destination and set up the necessary infrastructure for the tasks. But, since the devoted accounts and IT departments wouldn't participate in conducting the critical survey, you may have to put forth extra effort, including setting up healthy meals and the amount you would like to spend overall and how much you want to spend on a hotel or rental, you should plan your budget effectively.
The most effective approach to implementing this idea is ensuring access to efficient, productive tools like Troop Messenger, renowned for optimizing faster content (data-packets) delivery across high-latency networks.

Group Workation

In most cases, companies take just one team or group of employees for a workation while maintaining a different schedule for the other employees. And they tend to last for a few days in a week. For example, if your sales team is expected to do business with clients in Europe, you might consider sponsoring an all-inclusive Beaches of Normandy Tour not only for your team but for high-stake clients as well. Your team has an excellent opportunity to work together more efficiently and develop strong relationships in this environment.

Short-Term Workation

This work trip is a few days long, similar to a weekend getaway or a three-day midweek excursion. These are typically scheduled close to your destinations, so you don't spend additional time traveling.

Medium-Term Workation

The medium-term, in contrast to the short-term, will last for a week or longer, apparently creating the workplace within the nation or state. Most businesses embrace the idea of taking several teams as a single unit rather than all the teams at once.

Long-Term Workation

This is one of the employees' favorite workations that lasts for months, but given its cost, you might see few companies implement this idea. Your teams might require passports, visas, work permits, and other documents such as TEFL certification, given that they are primarily planned outside the country. Be advised to use the best business meeting tools to maintain your client relationship.

What is the benefit of Workation?

Preceding are some of the many benefits of workation that may coax you to plan one immediately.

Employee Attrition

No employee would want to leave the company when work can bring them such joy and help them develop their skills. Their efforts to complete the assignment will now be rewarded with an unrivaled atmosphere or working environment. As a result, you can retain your employees, who can stay with you longer.

Mental Health Issues

Your employees will be able to handle their mental health concerns more effectively since the tension they experience at work will naturally transition to fun. This is the only workplace where you can find employees that are happy with their jobs.

Enhanced Productivity

Given the budget, a few companies may be reluctant to set up the workation, but the level of productivity you achieve amid such an environment will be unparalleled. Employees who benefit from it will put in more time as their perspective shifts from stressful to enjoyable. While not at home, the employees have fewer domestic commitments, obligations, and other interruptions during work time.


Motivation makes the desire stronger. Several psychologists and philosophers concluded that a lack of motivation could bring on mental illnesses like depression.

All the complications would be resolved by organizing a trip to the ideal destination, which would refresh you and enable you to perform even better at work.

Some vendors in the market can arrange the itinerary and set up the workplace for you and your team while keeping to your terms and conditions if you are planning the workation for the first time.

Workation is designed to benefit employers and employees; employers stand to benefit more from it than employees do.

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