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blogs Using Zapier to Automate Tasks between Troop Messenger and Other Apps

Using Zapier to Automate Tasks between Troop Messenger and Other Apps

Asloob Alam

Indeed, most of us keep switching between a lot of different apps to perform our project deliverables. This effort consumes plenty of productive work hours of an employee as well as the organization.


Therefore, to reduce the time duration and extra effort for multi-tasks, we need a tool to do tasks that they can't do manually and speed up the work without re-intervention! Automation helps to do multi-tasks without the need for human intervention to conduct a workflow, it helps to do tasks without breaks and disruption. The use of automation takes and completes tasks with better accuracy. 


The organization is a set of departments or groups established to achieve a common goal, Zapier looks after the whole workflow process needs of automation helping the teams to run a firm more efficiently than ever. 


With the help of Zapier automation, the user can reduce the human errors which may occur during repeat tasks and overwork flow within a short duration. Instead of doing repetitive tasks, the Zapier integration could reduce the unnecessary burden of working on manual tasks. The saved time can be invested on some other important tasks with innovation, the innovation with help of technology shall improve productivity.


Automation reduces the number of employees involved in single tasks. So that would reduce the over cost. 


Zapier is a workflow tool that integrates with 4000+ applications to do various tasks in the workflow. To conduct a program the user may need to do multi-tasks, such as calling or inviting a meeting/seminar/game/teaching class, and more the task may need several attempts until it gets done or reaches its goal.


Integration with various applications made easy for Zapier, applications that are integrated with Zapier, the workflow manager, can be optimized at the user end for their needs. Zapier helps its users to utilize any of its integrated applications for their purposes. It can be anything, for mailing, calling, schedule, share locations, storage, transfer, chats, screen sharing, and more tasks operated accordingly by a set of optimizations at the user end. 

Let’s have a quick look at what kinds of tasks that you can automate?

  • Tasks that are needed to be performed on a daily basis
  • That are based on scheduled times
  • Repetitive tasks that do not require deep thinking
  • Tasks that move information from one app to another, frequently
  • Tasks that obstruct your core work routines.

The Real-World Scenario’s!
Check what all you can automate:

  • Receiving Emails
  • Customer Support Tickets
  • Software development tasks
  • Project management tasks
  • Scheduled meetings and webinars
  • Calendar Events
  • Bill payments and more

How do the users of Troop Messenger make their workday productive with Zapier?

When an event happens in one app, it gets reflected in another! This concept of automating the workflows helps reduce manual handling of the tasks and hence saves time. 


The integration of Zapier into Troop Messenger lets the users of this office collaboration tool connect with all the apps of Zapier to automate the task workflows of other apps into it and thereby, letting them stay focussed on other crucial tasks of the organizations. The process of Zapier automation moves the information of other apps, such as Asana, GitHub, Gmail, Outlook, Freshdesk, HubSpot, and others into Troop Messenger, allowing the users to keep updated on their daily work routines, without the involvement of them!


Although the users of Troop Messenger can connect with any app that the Zapier supports, here are few ready-to-use Zaps for your quick reference:


GitHub + Troop Messenger

Trigger: GitHub
Action: Troop Messenger
When a new repository created in Github, a group is created in Troop Messenger.


Zoom + Troop Messenger

Trigger: Zoom
Action: Troop Messenger
A message has been sent in Troop Messenger group, whenever a new meeting or webinar is scheduled in Zoom.


Gmail + Troop Messenger

Trigger: Gmail
Action: Troop Messenger
The Gmail email is sent as a self-message in Troop Messenger, whenever a new email appears in the specified mailbox.


Google Calendar + Troop Messenger

Trigger: Google Calendar
Action: Troop Messenger
Get a new self-message in Troop Messenger whenever a Google calendar event is created.


Stripe + Troop Messenger

Trigger: Stripe
Action: Troop Messenger
Send Stripe Charge as a group message in Troop Messenger.


Freshdesk + Troop Messenger

Trigger: Freshdesk
Action: Troop Messenger
Creates a group message in Troop Messenger when a new ticket is created in Freshdesk.


Similarly, you can get connected with the Zaps of HubSpot + Troop Messenger, Asana + Troop Messenger, Microsoft Outlook + Troop Messenger, and more, to save most of your time.

The Multi-Step Zaps!

Let me take you to the top-to-bottom workflow automation facility that allows the users/applications to have many actions on one trigger. Yes, you’ve heard it right! That’s the multi-step zap facility from Zapier that provides a pipeline on your data flow between one-to-many apps. You can chain Troop Messenger in one of your multi-step zaps to make workflows exponentially simpler.

Wrapping it up!

Let the workflow automation tool share data of thousands of web and mobile apps to your Troop Messenger and vice versa, with the help of Zaps. These Zaps help you build a workflow system between Troop Messenger and other apps, letting you know and helps you take action on them directly. Zapier makes the teamwork easy! Integrate your application with Zapier and make it available to the diverse teams of the world.


Team Collaboration like never before
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