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Top 4 Chatbots That Help Students These Days

Asloob Alam

A few years ago, nobody knew about such a thing as a chatbot. Today, most companies use it for different purposes, from information updates and client communications to sales promotion.

We are now used to the fact that these pieces of AI software are the first to answer when we ask a question they know how to translate texts, entertain, assist and advise how to spend time usefully. The bot can perform any tasks creators assign to it. For example, it can send emails, help you find a research paper writing service near you, answer users' questions, direct them to website pages or a specialist. A human assistant gets connected when the machine cannot handle the case.

Okay, it all makes sense for sales and customer service. But how are these chatbots useful if we talk about education? Modern students would appreciate all kinds of help available. They are so much burdened with their duties and obligations at school that they will consider whatever is offered to simplify their academic journey.

For example, having a personal essay writer seemed to be a crime once. Today, most students use their professional help provided as educational services. Essay writing has become too formalized and challenging, and students need help not to make a mistake.

They rarely have one essay due per week. Instead, they need to write tons of work which they physically have no time for. Therefore, these students have to type “do my paper” into their search engine once or twice a week, hoping to find a reliable paper writer online service. What they look for is someone to guide them through all those requirements concerning structure, content, citations, and so on.

Now, consider what would having an virtual personal assistant accessible at any time, day and night, mean for these students? Of course, it sounds like a great opportunity. Chatbots are those assistants that help find the right information fast.

But first, let’s figure out what those chatbots are before the experts from online essay service EssayHub list the best ones.

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What Are Chatbots and How Can They Be Utilized in Education?

Chatbots are AI-powered text or voice-based interfaces that users can navigate to find the information they need. In most conversational scenarios, chatbots are completely independent. They can carry out any communication without any human help. For complex or escalated issues, they might request humans to step in.

Chatbots are communication agents. They are considered a tool that can revolutionize daily tasks and are actively implemented by IBM, Amazon, and other famous companies.
Top functions chatbots offer:


  • Centralized data sourcing for better access to information. Chatbots are great at answering your questions and requests. They help all parties to the learning process be on the same page.
  • Instant messaging. Most chatbots use swift communication to help participants exchange information quickly.
  • 24/7 availability. All you need to do is to start a chatbot, and it is ready to help. At any time, day and night.
  • Access to enrollment information. Whatever information you may need to find about the enrollment process and university benefits, you can most likely find it in the chatbot.
  • Process automation. Chatbots can answer thousands of the same questions at the same time, thus minimizing the burden the customer support team faces. Since the answers are standardized and ranked, people asking questions get the info they are looking for.
  • Document processing. Many chatbots support document processing now. That means many students will not only get the information they are looking for. They also will find a document to refer to and use.



What Are the Best Chatbots For Higher Education?

Mongoose Harmony by Drift

This is a truly great, intelligent chatbot with lots of functions. Its features literally turn it into a fully functioning virtual assistant. It develops quickly to make sure the growing needs of the student community are met.

Educational institutions using this chatbot are able to provide relevant content to a larger number of students. Mongoose Harmony is backed with a hub of answers where it takes all this information from.

QnABOT by Amazon

A chatbot pronounced as Q and A bot heavily relies on Amazon Alexa and Amazon Lex products. That makes this tool a voice-based one. Basically, this tool lets students ask their questions vocally, then quickly transcribes the question and looks into the database for the answer.

Many educational institutions have already recognized the tremendous value of this tool during the enrollment process. Another great fact is that Amazon constantly advances this bot, making it easier for students to reach out for information. Moreover, universities and colleges are allowed to add features, customizing the performance of this bot.

Watson by IBM

IBM’s Watson is one of the most well-known assistants in the world. After it had been optimized as an interactive chatbot, many educational institutions throughout the world have started using it.
It is often regarded for its conversation service. For students, it means that they are able to ask questions verbally and immediately get subject-specific answers.

Universities like Bolton college have already experienced all benefits of this virtual assistance in the form of a chatbot. The number of Watson’s fans in education only continues to grow.

HubBot by HubSpot

This chatbot is similar to the ones discussed above. However, it has a few features that make institutions choose HubSpot rather than IBM or Amazon. These functions are:

  • Integration with CRM (HubSpot CRM, of course)
  • Communications tracking
  • Appointments planning

HubSpot designed its chatbot to be able to automate conversations and ensure it is as authentic as possible. For this effort, HubBot is fairly recognized as one of the most intuitive and customer-friendly.


Chatbots are the future of client communications, so don’t hesitate and learn more about them. These four chatbots are a few of the options offered in the market. They are the most well-known ones because of the companies that created them. There are, of course, cheaper alternatives for smaller institutions.

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