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blogs 8 Incredible Tools for Maximizing Employee Experience at the Workplace

8 Incredible Tools for Maximizing Employee Experience at the Workplace

Asloob Alam

Here are two startling facts to ponder—



This spotlights something that organizations tend to gloss over: the need to enhance, and potentially maximize, employee experience at the workplace.


When companies neglect this, employees check out mentally, so to speak. In turn, this affects organization-wide KPIs in a tangible manner.


On the flip side, organizations that strive for better employee experience see a positive impact on their bottom line and margins. Research by Gallup suggests the same organizations and business units that placed a strong emphasis on employee experience and engagement showed a staggering 21% increase in profitability.


Okay, you now know that better employee experience at the workplace can improve productivity and business outcomes. What can you do to then maximize employee experience and engagement?


This article dives into just that read-on for 8 incredible tools that you should consider as you aim to better employee experience at the workplace.

1. Improve employee parking experience with Wayleadr


For vehicle owners driving to the office for work, sorting out parking themselves every morning becomes a dreary and time-consuming task. This sets the tone for the rest of the working day and can become a drain on employee productivity as well.


From the organization’s standpoint, employee parking is usually handled in an ad-hoc manner by HR/Administration teams. While companies can certainly get away with this, it leads to inefficiencies, poor employee satisfaction, and needless costs over the long term. This is especially true when companies begin to grow in size and scale.


So why not address this low-hanging fruit for maximizing employee experience at the workplace?


By leveraging technology like Wayleadr parking management software, you can easily take care of all employee parking-related activities at your organization. You can manage parking space occupancy, automate allocation to employees, set up access control, and get parking-related data and reports all within a single dashboard.

2. Accelerate employee productivity at the workplace with Troop Messenger


As we all know, an organization comprises many cross-functional and distributed teams working to achieve a common goal. To attain this vision, the business owner must look for a team collaboration tool like Troop Messenger, which increases the team's work productivity.


Things work better if the workforce is put together on a unified communication platform. Troop Messenger is one such application that helps them to exchange their every work conversation through it seamlessly. It provides transparency in employees' working styles, methodologies, and others.


With its remarkable UI and unique work productivity features, such as; well-defined search filters that help in fast retrieval of data, bulk messaging feature that allows broadcasting information to a large volume of users, chat area filters that make users retrieve text, images, videos, etc., each separately, and many more, they can quickly wrap up their work communication.


The best part with Troop Messenger is you can schedule Adhoc or planned meetings with the internal employees as well with the external stakeholders of the company within one tool, helping you derive decisions faster. Hence, give your employees a tool where they can simplify their communication hurdles.

3. Promote a collaborative work culture with Fellow


Raise your hand if you know what it’s like to sit through pointless, drawn-out, and unproductive team meetings.


Yup, we all know the feeling. We’re often told by workplace colleagues and higher-ups that they’re something we just have to get through and that we have to simply bide our time.

But this is a clear indicator of poor workplace culture. If employees within an organization feel this way, it’s likely that they’re getting bogged down by needless stand-up calls and team syncs that aren’t really moving the needle. In other words, meetings only exist for the sake of saying that they do, and not for getting any work done.


This is where software tools like Fellow come into the picture.


Fellow allows teams to create better meeting habits and promote a work culture oriented towards collaboration. With Fellow, you can build a team meeting agenda, record meeting notes, assign tasks to members, create checklists, provide feedback, and more.


In essence, you’re enabling productive meetings and fostering collaboration across the organization—leading to better employee engagement levels and an enhanced employee experience overall.

4. Make corporate travel and expense management easy with TripActions


When you’ve got teams that travel for work, managing travel costs and related expenses can be quite difficult.


For the organization’s administration team, taking care of the same on a one-on-one basis can be tedious and time-consuming. From an employee perspective, it’s difficult to confirm bookings, record expenses, and collect receipts in the midst of an already stressful work travel schedule.


With a simple-to-set-up solution like TripActions, you’re making it that much easier for both your administrative team and traveling employees to get a hold of travel expense management. A single dashboard offers solutions like travel booking, itinerary management, AI-powered personalization, analytics on employee spending, 24/7 access to travel agents, premium travel services, and more.


When employees within your organization are going to be traveling a lot, a tool like TripActions is an employee experience game-changer. Employees can seamlessly manage their travel-related activities and spending from a single dashboard. At the same time, administrative and HR teams can do the same on their end and have a comprehensive view of the organization-wide travel expenditure for cost and savings optimization as well.

5. Improve employee onboarding with BambooHR