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blogs 7 Surprisingly Affordable Tech Solutions Businesses can Leverage

7 Surprisingly Affordable Tech Solutions Businesses can Leverage

Asloob Alam

Will your technology be able to keep up as your company expands? Is it possible to scale it up or down based on demand? Despite the fact that we are in the midst of a fast digital revolution, many businesses are failing to keep up, losing out to more agile competitors. With that in mind, below are 7 surprisingly affordable tech solutions that businesses can leverage. 


Many businesses are starting to understand the immense benefits of on-demand artificial intelligence. The most notable advantage of AI as a service is that it considerably reduces the cost of developing an AI system. Furthermore, the pricing is tiered and straightforward, so you'll only pay for what you need.


AI as a service is also fast. AIaaS not only comes at a low cost, but it can help you save time on your AI project. The best part of this technology is that you don't even need to know how to code to get started. The platform will take care of the heavy lifting and eliminate the need for specialists to be hired and the development of sophisticated multi-level infrastructure.


Data is a critical component of doing business, and actionable data can be found in plenty of places, including your social media, Google Analytics, business software, applications, and good CRM software. It won't be valuable, however, until it's sorted, cleaned, analyzed, and put to use.


Social media is used by businesses of all sizes, and the platforms' data are relied upon. Google Analytics is a useful tool that business owners use to track their website traffic, at least in part. You can't, however, rely solely on these tools. A CRM system allows you to dig deeper into all of your data, even data gathered from other sources.


When a firm is committed to keeping error-free data, you can use your CRM platform to collect, tabulate, and organize it, making it easier to analyze using reporting options. This is one of the most important advantages of a CRM system, and it leads to others that become available once you have useful data.

Project Management Tools

One of the main advantages of flexible and multipurpose project management software is that it lets managers keep track of project costs and ensure they don't spiral out of control. Those in charge of the budget may view costs in real-time and uncover areas where too much money is being spent thanks to the quantitative proof that PM tools provide. You can see things like which employee has done what and for how many hours.


Having this information can help managers make better judgments in the future, from adjustments to how hours are distributed to what attention is placed and where on different aspects of the project. It can be easy to ignore the significance of fiscal responsibility, and one of the more far-reaching benefits of utilizing a dependable project management tool is that this responsibility can always be kept front and centre.


No matter your company's size, new technologies can give you the upper hand you need to overcome your competitors and increase productivity. First of all, they can help you organize your tasks better and save time. Second, they allow you to be more efficient when managing your employees' work and monitoring their progress.

For example, once you find out more about FaxBurner, you can estimate how this solution could help you streamline your faxing experience. Alternatively, project management software may enable you to track how much time it takes different employees to complete their tasks and efficiently manage even the most complex projects

Business Intelligence Tools

Employees may monitor KPIs using a range of data sources, including financial, operations, and sales data, by utilizing templates or customized reports. These reports are prepared in real-time and employ the most up-to-date data, allowing organizations to make swift decisions. Graphs, tables, and charts are commonly used in reports to make them easier to understand. Some BI software reports are interactive, allowing users to experiment with different factors or get data more quickly.


Businesses can assess employee productivity, income, overall success, and department-specific performance with these valuable business data. Because BI tools allow firms to identify what's working and what isn't, they tend to be great at revealing strengths and flaws in workflows. Setting up alerts is simple and may assist busy executives in keeping track of the KPIs that are most important to their company.

Scheduling Tools

One of the most helpful advantages of scheduling software is that it keeps everyone on the same page. A solid, basic scheduling system allows companies to monitor schedules for individuals or groups of employees, and it can handle an endless number of shift plans, patterns, and rotations to account for all of a company's diverse scheduling conditions. The solution should be able to handle any cycle duration, and schedules should be programmable to be duplicated or repeated indefinitely.


Scheduling tools are also important to help minimize scheduling conflicts. It allows employees to access their schedules on the internet or call into an automated phone system that is updated in real-time since the information is all in one place. When employees change shifts, paper timesheets may be confusing and inconvenient. It can be hard to keep track of the new schedule, as well as whether or not the employee was given the authorization to switch shifts.

Collaboration Tools

While face-to-face collaboration is ideal, it is not always possible for team members to be present at the same time and the same location, especially in today's world of remote and hybrid work. Collaboration software enables individuals in various locations to exchange material in a variety of formats, including documents, messages, videos, and other media.


Efficient and quick communication should take the form of a conversation rather than emails, which are easily disregarded, build up, and are difficult to locate. Slack, Troop Messenger, Cisco Spark, and Hive are examples of collaboration platforms that are widely used, affordable and have helped businesses around the world stay in touch and collaborate over the last two years.


Collaboration tools also help with better planning. Lack of planning wastes a tremendous amount of an employee's working day. Businesses that plan and organize their goals and operations achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. Teams can properly arrange their operations by using daily, weekly, and monthly scheduling. Employees can, for example, use public or personal calendars to keep track of all meetings and deadlines using collaboration tools.

Customer Service Chatbots

Chatbots can help your business by giving it a face when clients first interact with you on your website. For many people, a chatbot is their first point of contact with a company, and well-designed ones can come off as far more personal than an email or phone conversation.


A chatbot interaction has a significant impact on the user experience and is a fundamental aspect in how a customer views the conversation and, subsequently, your business. Numerous aspects, such as your corporate identity, the duties the bot is expected to accomplish, or the preferences of your target group, play an important part in developing a chatbot personality that matches your organization.


Unlike traditional customer support, a chatbot is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Even on weekends and late at night, a bot is there to at least acknowledge your customers. The number of requests a chatbot can handle is virtually limitless, and a bot can easily handle all of them at once without losing steam or losing track.


And if your chatbot is unable to respond to a user's inquiry, the user can be redirected to a human employee. Outside of business hours, customers can leave a note for customer care to respond to via email the next business day.


Today's business technology continues to have a significant influence on the world. It has spurred the phenomenal increase in trade and commerce that we are presently seeing.


Modernizing IT infrastructure results in new solutions that enable small businesses to reach their full potential. The future is bright for organizations ready to embrace change, from AI as a service to better collaboration tools to improved customer service solutions.

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