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Connect with Your “Team” with the Latest Troop Messenger

Md Mohsin Ansari

Seamless and hassle-free communication is a vital element for any business to flourish. Advances in technology have helped businesses to expand across the world, and that makes it very essential that its employees stay connected irrespective of their geographic location. This can be accomplished through instant messaging services.


The benefit of instant messaging application is that they offer real-time information exchange between people who may be sitting in different parts of the world. Software developers across the world have recognized this high-priority requirement to come up with several apps that offer excellent intra-entity communication platforms.


Unified communication platforms such as Slack, Skype, Facebook Workplace, etc. are increasingly feeling the heat from the upcoming team collaboration apps. Foremost among them is Troop Messenger — a new-age business chat app for both corporates and governments. There are many instant messengers available in the market, but the Troop Messenger is one of the latest and most efficient business messengers.


Troop Messenger is gradually becoming the most sought after due to its various unique features:


1) It is one of the lightest business communication messengers :

It does not take much time to download and install because it is one of the lightest software in the market that allows people to stay connected on the go. It occupies a meager 29.7 MB space on a mobile phone and only 54.5 MB on a computer.


2. It is Native:

The Troop Messenger is unique in the sense that the app is exclusively designed as a native application. Each platform — Windows, Linux, and MAC — has a build of its own. Similarly, Android and iOS apps are developed exclusively to provide an enhanced experience to the users. All you have to do is download the correct version that is compatible with your piece of software.


3. It has the easiest sign-up procedure :

With Troop Messenger, you don’t have to bother about remembering the domain name or the aliases of your company when you are signing up. It simply asks the user’s name, email address, mobile phone number, and company’s name. If the user wishes, they can fill in additional details such website and physical address, but that is optional.


4. It has a simple and friendly user interface :

After signing in, the user interface that greets you is very soothing to the eye because it is clutter free. While building the app, its developers probably had only one thing in mind and that was to keep its user interface as user-friendly as possible. Perhaps that is the reason why using this app doesn’t give unnecessary headaches.


5) Troop Messenger has only two status messages :

Before we discuss more on this feature, we would like you to remember the different status messages that are usually available in many instant messengers such as “available,” “away,” “busy,” and “do not disturb.” If you try to recall the number of times your contacts have dropped you a message even when your status showed “away” or “busy,” you’ll realize that those status messages most of the time do not work.


Perhaps this is the reason why Troop Messenger has done away with unnecessary status messages and provides a user with only two options — “available” and “do not disturb.” So if you want people to contact you, you set your status as “available”; otherwise, set it as “do not disturb,” and save yourself from distractions.


These are just the basic features of Troop Messenger. There’s more to come. Follow me for more interesting discussions in our forthcoming blogs.


Also, do not forget to share your experience using Troop Messenger. Any feedback from you will help us get better by the day.


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