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blogs Team Communication: Tips to Help You Manage a High Performing internal Team

Team Communication: Tips to Help You Manage a High Performing internal Team

Mohsin Malik

Have you ever been in a team that made you feel one kind of hell?


A team where you were shaking in shoes to speak up your honest feelings?


A team where there were persistent conflicts and squabbles?


On the other side, have you ever been in a team where each one of them is embracing?


A team that charges you up with energy to run for the extra mile? You know the thick line between the two scenarios?


It is team communication. In almost every angle of life, be it professional or personal, relationships cannot thrive without free and open communication.


While in an organization, the quality of the internal communication matters a lot. If you let the communication get inferior, your organizations days may be numbered.


But well, fortunately, there are a plethora of ways to improve communication in the workplace and keep the teams more coherent, productive, and motivated.


Know every member of the team :

Building the individual relationships assure of the mutual respect between you and every other employee. Healthy relationships result in a strong bond throughout the team.


Sit with them for a while, go on a short walk, invite for a lunch or dinner, get to know each team member on an individual basis as it cements your position and also be the one to talk to in case of any issues.


Do not bump into each other :

While it happens that some people work offshore, some in client locations, and some work in-house. Therefore, never compensate on the fact that the fellow employees are not bumping into each other.


They might have forgotten them, living in their world and not collaborating much they actually have to do. Conduct team building activities to bring them all together at one place once in a while. It is your duty to create opportunities to let them communicate in all ways.


Welcome new employees with open arms :

For brand-new employees, it gets obviously difficult to learn the ropes of the organization and act accordingly.


While hiring employees, most of the companies would already have some built-in training program which teaches them about the company and also opens doors to them, how they are expected to perform in their assigned role.


Make them get accustomed to the company and maintain effective communication flowing for a better productivity.


Have an open door policy :

Out of many biggest obstacles in any organization is how the employees communicate with the managers or CEOs. Many employees prefer to avoid bringing up or discussing any points to the boss which apparently blocks the collaboration. But when you have an effective team communication at the workplace, where the approachable is just a cakewalk, employees would feel free to discuss or bring fresh ideas to the board.


It is a great way of encouraging your employees in the organization and it certainly boosts their performance.


Don’t believe me? Try it out and you will thank me later.


Choose the right communication tool :

Do not encourage one-way communication. Majority of the organizations or business practice a top-down approach as team communication which has been constant for decades. It may be an element of control but it would never get your employees any favor. Henceforth, make sure the communication to be a two-way street and relish the benefits it brings in.


“In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” — Charles Darwin


Considering the needs and day-to-day activities of your business, go for the communication tool that works the best for you. True that Email is still a powerful medium tool, but there are many effective substitutes such as business chat applications and project management tools.


While you look for a communication channel, many businesses rely on multiple tools. One tool for written communication, one for video conference, one for managing to-do lists, and so on. But there are office chat software applications like Troop Messenger where you can discover all at one place.


With this internal communication, one can share the screen, send instant messages with funky emoticons, set up availability status, transfer files, share media, and many more.


Follow up the work output :

Now, it is your duty to measure productivity.


Do not beat around the bush.


Yes!! Do not do that.


Be transparent around this which helps you in analyzing if a particular team member is being productive or not. Let the employee be from a remote team or an in-house member, keep track of everything.


Bring out an anonymous “suggestion box” :

Yep. Just like how it used to be in our school. It may sound old but it is one of the compelling ways to improve communication in the workplace.


Setting up a “suggestion box” would greatly benefit as it allows employees to comment on things they are shy to speak out loud. Employees are not comfortable to raise up any concerns because of various reasons such as job insecurity, hike approval, and much more. But they might tend to drop suggestions or any complaints when bringing about the anonymous approach.


This is one of the internal communication tools you must not brush off. If you are not sure of the physical suggestion box, you could use the virtual platforms where the response is anonymous.


Bottom Line :

Influential managers and CEOs are aware of how to push their team member to run for that extra mile and produce stellar work even on a hectic schedule in a tight deadline.


Hence, always keep in mind that effective team communication is the driving force for any organization. Use the above tips if you are bound to experience the positive results and bring your employees together for a robust team. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!


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