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Top 20 Team Building Activities that Your Employees Would Love to Play

Md Mohsin Ansari

Industries and businesses often turn a blind eye towards “Team-building activities” supposing them as a waste of time act and lame.


But whenever a manager says that we are going to do a few activities, my reel immediately recollects the episodes of The Office. Steve Carell nailed being insanely awkward and hilarious though. Isn’t it?


Or you did not observe your employees rolling out their eyes when you brought about this topic? I am sure you did.


It could be because the events you are organizing are not exciting or insightful, resulting in sheer negligence within your workforce. But at Troop Messenger, we conduct team activities that almost all types of employees enjoy. Thus, I am sharing a huge list of activities that your team members would find hard to come by:

1. Sneak a Peek

This problem-solving team-building activity needs a few building blocks. Yep! We used to play in our childhood and build castles that touched the clouds.

How to Play


  • Divide the members into two teams
  • Build a structure with the blocks and retain it in a separate room One player from each team can take a look at the building for 10 seconds.
  • Then that player has to get back to his/her team and guide them to build it for the next 30 seconds.
  • Each team gets one minute of time in order to build according to the guidelines.
  • Next, another player would get a chance to sneak peek for 10 seconds and do the same for the next 30 seconds.
  • This process repeats till all the members get a chance to peek at the building and the team which modeled it first wins the game. Woohoo! Do not forget to take a pizza party from them ;)
  • This game majorly expects teamwork and communication to relish the triumph.


2. The Wall 

It need not be 700 feet tall and should be made of solid ice just like in GOT. But I believe that nothing else can bond a team better than re-experiencing the memories they shared together. It is one of the team-building games they will remember for eternity. 

How to Play


  • Set up a board and hand out the notes and sketches among the group.
  • Ask the members to draw their memories with their fellow workers in that room.
  • Give some 20-30 minutes of time.
  • Once the time is up, let them stick with their partners on the wall.
  • Now, let everyone walk down memory lane and share what they have penned down and attached on the board or wall, whatever. Observe their lingering smiles, there you go! 


3. Truth and Lie

This game does not require any instruments and can be done anywhere anytime without any hassles. It is no competitive kind of game instead just designed to get to know each other better. The best moment to spice up your lies and experience some hilariously outrageous statements.

How to Play


  • Gather them all in one room
  • Tell them to write two truth and one lie statements about themselves.
  • Each member has to come in front and read the list and the rest of the team has to identify the truths and lies among them.
  • This is one of the best ice-breaker games. Give it a try! 


4. Find me

Not a hide-and-seek game. But I am your employee and love this team-building game.

How to Play


  • Tell your members to write three major qualities that define them
  • Keep all the notes in a casket
  • Pick a member and let him/her read the notes and the rest of the members should guess who it could be.


5. Egg Drop

It is one of the classic team-building activities that connect teams on artistic problem-solving. The whole idea is to construct an egg package that should have the ability to keep the uncooked egg intact even after surviving the 1-4 floor drop. Boom!

How to Play


  • The package can only be constructed with balloons, newspapers, tape, and supplement straws as touch-ups.
  • Each team is expected to complete it in 1-2 hours of time.
  • The package that remains after the fall would be the winner.
  • This game is a bit messy but a classic. The prime intent is to let them work together and communicate.


6. Binds Hands and Feet

Certain aspects of the workspace become easier and simpler with proper collaboration among the team. This game majorly emphasizes the fact that teams must collaborate and carry on. 

How to Play


  • Get some cloth strips or shoelaces or zip ties that can serve to tie up two people without any discomfort.
  • Now ask all the players to shape like a circle and place all the items in the center of the circle.
  • Now tie one person’s wrist to his/her neighbor one until the whole group is joined together.
  • And the tasks could be your wish considering the resources, time, and space over there. A few suggestions could be transferring a cup of water from point A to point B, building a train with Legos etcetera.
  • A little touch of the time limit can excite things.
  • Since the members are joined together, they ought to communicate crystal clearly to accomplish the tasks. It builds relationships among the organization and supports people working together. 


7. Fill the Basket

This is one of the team activities that are both challenging and exciting. This activity entirely relies on verbal communication which is essential in any business. 

How to Play


  • Prepare the playground with objects that are different from each other. Also, place a hamper at the center of the ground.
  • Divide the members into two groups and let them settle on opposite sides of the ground.
  • Now let them pick a member from each group as a volunteer blindfold them and release them into the area to pick up their appropriate team objects and place them in the hamper. Since they are blindfolded they cannot see and they cannot question either.
  • And the teammates cannot tell the name of the object either. They just have to describe in their own way and help the volunteer reach the basket.
  • The group which places the object in the basket only lifts the trophy.
  • You can repeat this process until each member of the group gets a chance to act as a volunteer.
  • The team that wins the most rounds is usually considered a winner.
  • I believe that this game is apt to show the importance of team communication and how it can lead us to success.


8. Radio Play

Come on, turn the radio on; it’s Saturday night and it won’t be long...La la la la laaaa I love Cheap Thrills. Well, we all love it. So, getting back to the story, there are always a few members in the organization who like to hide behind the curtains when you mention that it’s picture or video time. This game is all for that particular squad.

How to Play


  • Get all the equipment needed that produce the sound effects.
  • Arrange notes and pens to prepare the lyrics or do whatever stuff is needed.
  • Divide the members into three or four equal-sized groups.
  • Let them pick or you can also assign a theme Give each team one hour to develop their play and the next 5-10 minutes for performing it.
  • Analyze each play and declare the nightingale of your company.
  • This activity would enhance unity and also a space to express their creativity. Additionally, it is a voice-related game so many might come forward to participate. 


9. Who is Sherlock?

It is high time to find out that Sherlock is in your gang. This play does not demand any equipment or preparation either. And you can organize it anytime.

How to Play


  • Prepare a list of niceties kind of questions related to your workplace such as how many people share the name Sonal in the delivery department or how many people work in the development team and so on.
  • Write questions and answers on index cards
  • Now ask the questions to the group and look for answers
  • The member who answers the most wins the game
  • To make this game even more fascinating, divide the members into teams and provide whistles or buzzers for the participants.


10. Campfire Anecdotes 

A classic corporate team-building activity that encourages members to tell a tale. Companies can assemble in a circular form and experience the old memories with the warmth of the campfire with misty eyes. 

How to Play


  • Create some buzzwords that have the ability to ignite the storytelling session such as the first day at work, first crush, and unforgettable experience in the current project, and stick them to notes.
  • Take a board and separate it into two sections. Stick all those notes to the board over there.
  • Ask each member to come forward and share their story and also jot down the words.
  • Repeat the process until you get a wall full of words with stories. Storytelling is something that goes straight into the heart. This session could let your members open up and result in bliss! 

If you are struggling to come up with the buzzwords that are needed to kick-start this activity, fear not. With the help of a word finder like Wordtips, it’s simple to generate as many as you need. That way you can ensure that every time you host this team-building activity, the stories you inspire are unique.

11. Silver Lining

Every cloud has a silver lining. Don’t you think so? Recalling memories is one of the best activities for employees to get connected to each other. This activity could enhance self-esteem and make the members look at the other side of the coin.

How to Play


  • Divide the members into groups who have worked together in the past.
  • One member of the first team shares the negative experience he/she has endured.
  • Then the other team members concentrate on the positive side of this issue.
  • The same process repeats until all the employees are done with this silver lining session.
  • Sharing experiences could boost team bonding and build healthy relationships among themselves. Also, the experience is more like a matter of perspective. Transforming it into a positive light could certainly make a difference in an individual. So, try it out.


12. Blind Drawing

One of the team-building games I love to play every single day if possible. Nope, I am not exaggerating.

How to Play


  • Divide all the members into teams of 4-6
  • Let them pick “the artist” among themselves
  • Arrange a flipchart and draw a picture leaving one main feature of it
  • Now blindfold “the artist” and make him stand in front of the picture
  • The rest of the team has to guide him/her in completing the picture within 1-2 minutes.
  • Enjoy Mr/Mrs. Picasso art now.!


13. Shape Of Words

This is a fun and physical activity your team members like without a second thought. This game would be interesting if there were large open spaces and a huge bunch of employees in your company.

How to Play


  • As always, divide the members into groups.
  • Let the groups decide who acts as a team leader.
  • Write three-lettered or four-lettered words such as “team” “bat” etc. depending on your employees' size and area. Place all these chits in a container.
  • Shuffle them well and let the team leaders pick chits of their own.
  • The team leaders must guide the members to form that particular shape.
  • The team that manages to arrange themselves first wins the game.
  • This physical activity could actually bring the team together and give space to relax and drench in the fun and lots of laughter.


14. Lemon and Spoon

Yep! The game our teachers made us play in childhood.

How to Play


  • Initially, make up your playground. Draw two borders with some 20-40 feet distance.
  • Split up the members into three to five groups. Each group has to play one by one.
  • Arrange some spoons and lemons that could fit in the space of a spoon.
  • Now organize the employees to stand in a row with the spoon and lemon in their mouths.
  • Join the hands of the employees to each other.
  • Let the race begin. Boom!
  • Analyze which team took less time to reach the destination without falling and declare them as winners.


Since this game strictly excludes the help of hands or arms, it is really funny and signifies the importance of teamwork to succeed eventually. 

15. Card Games

Card games such as Hearts and Spades are effective team-building activities as they require players to communicate, strategize, and cooperate within partnerships, fostering collaboration and sharpening decision-making skills. The game's reliance on trust and coordination enhances teamwork skills while engaging the team in a challenging and enjoyable gaming experience.

How to Play


  • Players take turns playing one card each in a trick, aiming to avoid hearts and the Queen of Spades.
  • The highest card of the leading suit or the highest trump card wins the trick, with players trying to "break" hearts before leading them.
  • After all tricks are played, penalty points from hearts and the Queen of Spades are tallied, and the player with the fewest points wins.
  • You can play Hearts online with your team.


How to Play Spades


  • Spades are played with 4 players in partnerships, where bids are made to predict the number of tricks a team will win.
  • Players must follow the lead suit if possible, but spades are always a trump suit, and the highest spade wins a trick.
  • The team's bid must match the actual tricks won, earning points when successful and losing points when over- or under-bidding; the first team to reach a set point total wins.
  • You can play Spades online with your team.


16. Bubble Questions

A bubbly game it is! This game is one of the stress-busters.

How to Play


  • Arrange some balloons, paper, and a pen.
  • Give each person a balloon and a piece of paper and write a question on it. It has to be funny, crazy, and quirky.
  • Now tell them to drop that paper in the balloon and blow it
  • Once everyone is done with blowing and tying, leave all the balloons in the air. Let them fly for some time.
  • The employees have to pick any one of the flying balloons and answer that question. Regardless of how stupid or childish it is.


17. Scramble Puzzle

Okay! This is funny enough and also implies the magnitude of communication among the group members.

How to Play


  • You would require blindfolds and sets of the puzzles we played in the nursery.
  • Divide the members into teams and make them sit in a circular manner leaving one as a team lead or guide.
  • Now blindfold them all and make the team lead sit outside the circle
  • Lay out all the pieces in front of the blindfold group and let them fix the puzzle
  • The team leads or guide can of course guide through instructions in a verbal way.
  • This team-building activity establishes high levels of trust and attention to detail in the organization.


18. Magazine Cover 

Who does not like to be on a magazine cover? This corporate team building activity brings out creativity and uniqueness in your team members since it is strictly without a computer or internet.

How to Play


  • Get some papers, pens, markers, and stickers to create a magazine story.
  • Divide your employees into groups of 4-6.
  • Give them a couple of minutes to discuss what the visual magazine cover has to be like.
  • Allot some 30-40 minutes of time to come up with their cover that should reflect who they are or what they are known for.
  • Analyze all and pick the best among them.
  • If possible, reward them on any organizational occasions or events. 


19. Sale! Sale! Sale!

Yes, you have to sell now. This could be enthralling and hilarious since you will get to know all the weird and funny ways of convincing you to buy an item. 


This event has to be spontaneous.

How to Play


  • Gather all your members into a room that have different kind of objects.
  • Split them into small groups of size three maximum.
  • Now each group has to sell the item to another group in just three minutes of time.
  • Repeat this process until each group acts as both buyer and seller.
  • Whichever team has been successful in selling and buying owns the product or item. Just saying


20. Kite Flying Competition

Fly high till the sky. Yep, not literally but you can experience that highness during this outdoor team-building activity.

How to Play


  • Again, divide the members into groups.
  • Arrange all the elements needed to make a kite.
  • Distribute the items equally to all the groups and give them 30 minutes of time to make a kite.
  • Now it is time to let the kites fly up in the sky.
  • Consider things like the time taken to make the kite, which kite is stable for a long, and the appearance of the kite etcetera while finalizing the result.


21. No Hitting

This is also one of the team-building games your team says yes to playing. But I think men prefer it.

How to Play


  • Divide the team into two equal parts.
  • Arrange a proper balloon or ball for stability and fun.
  • Draw a line as a border between both teams
  • The task is whichever team can keep the ball without letting it strike the ground in the given time is the winner. But no person can hit the ball twice in a line.


We have compiled the list of team-building activities we have implemented and experienced positive vibes from our team. A team can be effective and productive only when they do things with will and wish. And these activities certainly could make a difference in your operations.

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