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blogs Microsoft Teams Vs Slack : Extended With Quick Infographic

Microsoft Teams Vs Slack : Extended With Quick Infographic

Md Mohsin Ansari

Is it believable that Microsoft Teams Killing Slack?


how seriously we can consider this fact without actually making a hands-on these tools.

But these days the collaboration app battle between Slack and Microsoft Teams comparison is going endless.

In this article, we're gonna be Comparing Slack vs Microsoft Teams to understand which works better for businesses and their teams.

Has Slack bagged it’s biggest customer deal ever?


It's none other than IBM who has moved all of its 350,000 employees to this Chat App to make the experience to be on the single page for faster and effective team communication and work collaboration.



these days it’s been noticed that Microsoft Teams is hitting the number of 20 million daily active users,



Slack is limiting itself to 12 million users.

One sensible reason for this could be; Microsoft Teams comes as an integral part of Microsoft Office Suite 365, wherein users of it would prefer to go with Microsoft Teams, rather investing again on Slack. Actually, Microsoft Teams had 115 million daily active users in October 2020, up from 75 million in April 2020.


And, the same was heard by the Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield said that most customers of Slack use Microsoft Office 365 Suite, and hence the number has shown increased for Microsoft Teams.

The “good enough” effect, of Microsoft Teams, is really bringing shivers among the teams of Slack developers. So, Microsoft Teams is going to rule the roost in the future! Let’s keep our fingers!

Though there are so many chat applications out there, now team conversations are more seamless and organized with Troop Messenger. We had performed a various in-depth analysis of our competitor’s tools to give you better insights into their pros and cons with our previous comparison blogs of Slack Alternatives, Flock vs slack, Ryver vs slack.


However, this time we made our best efforts to make you know the highs and lows of two rivals: the most popular. Let us look into the quick comparison at both the tools



Microsoft Teams Vs Slack: A Quick Infographic 



( Microsoft Teams vs Slack): The sign-up flow - Which Application Offers Smoother Setup? 

Though Microsoft Teams comes with Office 365 suite, the workplace collaboration application is open to all public with a free sign-up trial of one month. You can sign-up with any of your public domain mail ids such as Google, Yahoo, etc., or you can directly access your Microsoft Teams with your Microsoft domain id if you are a subscriber of Office 365.


Once you are done with entering your mail id and password, a verification code has been sent to your registered mail id. Now you can start using Microsoft Teams by downloading the desktop app or a Web app.




The Sign-up Process of Slack starts with creating a workspace. Slack’s unlimited free trial allows the users to log-in to it with their respective workspace URL with a limited set of features. Any user can create a workspace from scratch with any of their Gmail, Yahoo, etc., public domains. To finish the sign-up process you are asked to give your name and password.


Slack facilitates an unlimited number of workspaces in its Enterprise Grid pricing plan, where the users of can switch between one workspace to others within the user interface itself.



Our Verdict: The Sign-up process at Microsoft Teams is pretty simple and easy when compared to Slack.


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( Microsoft Teams vs Slack):  Inviting and Adding User 

This workplace collaboration application provides a feature where you can invite others (or) guests to your organization for enhanced to associate with them on your projects. Your guests could be your clients, vendors, and non-employees or any others.


The left panel of the user interface has the feature of “Invite others to the Org”. This will take you to the page of invite people, from where you can start inviting people by giving your guests email and their display name. Furthermore, you can choose the “Add more” option to invite more people. 




In addition to inviting guests to your organization,


Microsoft Teams allows you to add more people to your team. The moment you log-in to the application, it welcomes you with the features of “Add more people, Create more channels, Open the FAQ,”.




The intuitive user interface of Slack lets you to Invite people from the left panel of your workspace.


Guests like vendors, clients, contractors, freelancers, and others are invited to Slack in both of it's free and paid plans. Invite few or many at once with their public/private domain mail ids. You are also allowed to share an invite link to your invitees.




 Our Verdict: Slack allows sharing an invite link to its guests, whereas we don’t see this in Microsoft Teams.


( Microsoft Teams vs Slack): Guest Access Capabilities 


The concept of vendor-client collaboration with the workforce of your organization is quite crucial at times where they need to connect to the outside world to collaborate on various client projects.


Microsoft Teams send invites to others to communicate with the internal teams of the workplace. The other new player Troop Messenger also facilitates the in-house team with this guest collaboration feature, the Orange Member. Any user with their public/private mail ids can become an Orange Member to interact with the teammates of Troop Messenger.


The “Invite people” section of Slack allows inviting guests into the application.


Microsoft Teams vs Slack: Design (UI and UX):

Which Application Gives Comfort Over Chaos? let find out here

The UI and UX part of Microsoft Teams is quite engaging and engrossing to the user. You can simply understand the features and their functionalities just at the glance of the home page screen. All your teams are listed on the left panel dashboard along with the other features of “Activity”, “Chat”, “Calendar”, “Get the app”, “Store”, and “Help”. Few essential tools like One Note and Wiki are in-built in this application.


Start a new conversation with your teammates by sending the formatted text, with attachments, with smileys, GIFs, and with stickers to relish more personalized chat experience.


Also, check out for files that you had exchanged with other teams and team members, Microsoft Teams full tutorial with recent updates, along with a plus tab for more integrations. The people's pane of the user interface allows you to see all your team members in one place.




Despite Slack’s user interface looks simple and clean, sometimes the users often get confused with the navigational flow of the features and their functionalities. Your workspace name is displayed at the top of the left-pane with along with your name. This section further allows you to send direct messages to Slack bot and the other team members of your channel.


The other features that you could notice from the Slack user interface would be; @mentions, set a purpose, settings, starred channels, invite people and many more to include.